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Merciful Penitence Rk. II

Paladin (107)

Slot 1: Increase Armor Class v2 by 2609 - Display Based on Class: 173 to 228
Slot 5: Absorb Melee Damage: 20%, Total: 697828
Slot 8: Add Defensive Proc: Penitent Mending III Beza with 250% Rate Mod

Endurance: 2311
Casting Time: Instant
Recast Time: 7m 30s
Dispellable: Yes
Duration: 2m
Skill: Alteration (Combat Skill)
Target: Self
Spell Type: Beneficial: Blockable
Max Hits: 48
Max Hits Type: Defensive Procs
Timer ID: Discipline 11

In Game Description: Covers your body in armor, adding 2609 to your armor class, healing you and your group with *57891%N when you are struck, and absorbing 20% of incoming melee damage for 2m (20 Ticks). The armor will dissipate when it has absorbed 697828 damage or it has healed your group 48 times.

Land on you: You bow your head in penitence.
Land on other: Target bows their head in penitence.
Wear off: Your penitence subsides.

Merciful Penitence Rk. II By: EQResource Spell Parser On: October 17, 2017, 11:58:26 PM

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