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Fetid Blood

Not a player spell: Clicky, NPC spell, Proc, etc.

Slot 1: Decrease Spell Damage Taken by 40% to 60% (Before Crit)
Slot 2: Limit Spells: Stipulation of Flame
Slot 3: Increase Disease Counter by 120
Slot 6: Decrease Current Mana by 25000 per tick
Slot 8: Decrease Current Hit Points by 65000 per tick
Slot 15: Decrease Current Endurance by 25000 per tick

Mana: 0
Casting Time: Instant
Dispellable: No
Duration: 60s
Target: Caster PB
Spell Type: Detrimental - Resist: Disease -950 Max: 20%
Range: 1000
AE Range: 50
Max Hits: 2
Max Hits Type: Matching Spells

In Game Description: Fetid blood covers you, adding 120 disease counters. Deals 65000 points of damage and drains your mana and endurance by 25000 every six seconds. Reduces incoming damage from Seneschal Radiant Propensity's spells by 40% to -60%. Lasts for 60s (10 Ticks) or until it has absorbed damage from 2 spells.

Land on you: You are doused in fetid blood.
Wear off: The fetid blood dries up.

Fetid Blood By: EQResource Spell Parser On: June 11, 2016, 03:46:40 PM

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