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ID: 9265
%1 attempted to create an expedition but %2 already belongs to one.

ID: 9384
This drink might as well be water.

ID: 9385
This drink might satisfy a lightweight.

ID: 9386
This is a respectable drink.

ID: 9387
This is a potent potable.

ID: 9388
This is a very persuasive drink.

ID: 9389
This drink promises pain.

ID: 9390
This drink guarantees pain!

ID: 9391
This drink will cancel your plans!

ID: 9392
This drink is labeled with a skull and crossbones.

ID: 9393
This drink might help you sober up.

ID: 9394
This drink will help you sober up.

ID: 9395
This drink will alleviate a minor hangover.

ID: 9396
This drink will alleviate a hangover!

ID: 9397
This drink will put you back on your feet!

ID: 11338
Players will%1 automatically be placed in a group upon joining the raid.

ID: 11339
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ID: 11340
Can autogrant next rank with expansion:

ID: 11341
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ID: 11342
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