15 updated strings (RED indicates old description, GREEN indicates new description):

ID: 0

ID: 5160
The Broodlands
Are you sure you want to abandon %1? You will lose all progress on the Quest, it will be removed from your Active Quests Tab, and all assigned Agents will be immediately available for use again.

ID: 5161
Stillmoon Temple
No Incapacitation!

ID: 5162
The Ascent
Agent Incapacitated! Suffering from: %1

ID: 5163
Thundercrest Isles

ID: 5164
Lavaspinner's Lair
Critical Success!

ID: 5165
Tirranun's Delve

ID: 5166
The Accursed Nest

ID: 5170
Ruins of Illsalin
Critical Failure!

ID: 5171
Imperial Bazaar
Spend Daybreak Cash to immediately recover this incapacitated agent

ID: 5172
Temple of the Korlach
You currently have %1 active Overseer quests and your cap is %2. You cannot start another quest until you have fewer active quests. Remember, active quests that have finished but have not yet had their rewards claimed will count against the cap!

ID: 5173
The Nargilor Pits
%1 has been %2 your collection of Overseer Agents.

ID: 5174
Dreadspire Keep
FAILED to add %1 to your collection of Overseer Agents.

ID: 14654
%1 %2 Experience
%1 Overseer Experience

ID: 14655
%1 Overseer Experience will be added to your %2 Category.
Experience will be added to your %1 Overseer Category.

2 new strings found:

ID: 8297
Surnames must begin and end with a letter, and may only have one accent.

ID: 8298
Surnames may only have two non-consecutive capital letters, and the last letter must be lowercase.