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Rescind Death Rk. II

Monk (115)

Slot 1: Increase Max Negative Hit Points by 47481
Slot 2: Increase Current Hit Points by 5303 per tick if Hit Points Less Than 50 Percent
Slot 3: Increase Current Hit Points by 10604 per tick if Hit Points Less Than 20 Percent
Slot 4: Increase Current Hit Points by 15905 per tick if Hit Points Less Than 5 Percent

Endurance: 2839
Casting Time: 0.25s
Recast Time: 10m
Interruptible: No
Dispellable: Yes
Duration: 60s
Skill: Offense (Combat Skill)
Hate Override: 1
Target: Self
Spell Type: Beneficial: Blockable
Timer ID: Discipline 8
Song Window: Yes

In Game Description: Increases the amount of punishment you can absorb before death by #1, while also healing you for #2 hit points every 6 seconds if you are below 50% of your maximum health, or as much as #4 hit points if you are below 5% of your maximum health.

Land on You: You negate the concept of death.
Land on Other: Target negates the concept of death.
Wear off: Your body reassumes normal mortality.

Rescind Death Rk. II By: EQResource Spell Parser On: October 17, 2019, 02:52:11 PM

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