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Concordant Expanse Effect II

Not a player spell: Clicky, NPC spell, Proc, etc.

Slot 1: Cast: Expansive Discord II if Hit by Spell and Conditions are Met
Slot 2: Limit Target: Single
Slot 3: Limit Effect: Current Hit Points
Slot 4: Limit Type: Beneficial
Slot 5: Limit Min Level: 101
Slot 6: Limit Max Level: 115 (lose 100% per level)
Slot 7: Limit Max Duration: Instant Spells Only
Slot 8: Limit Min Mana Cost: 10
Slot 9: Limit Min Value: 5500 (Current Hit Points [SPA 0])
Slot 10: Limit: Different Caster
Slot 11: Buff Stacking Blocker 1

Endurance: 0
End Upkeep: 12 per second
Casting Time: Instant
Dispellable: No
Duration: 2m
Target: Self
Spell Type: Beneficial: Blockable
Max Hits: 40
Max Hits Type: Matching Spells

In Game Description: Causes you to cast *57820%N when a single-target healing spell between levels 101 and 115 that heals for at least 5500 hp lands on you. This effect will last for 2m (20 Ticks) or until it has cast 40 spells.

Land on you: A harmonious aspect envelops you.
Land on other: Target is enveloped by a harmonious aspect.
Wear off: The harmonious aspect fades.

Concordant Expanse Effect II By: EQResource Spell Parser On: October 17, 2017, 11:58:26 PM

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