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Doomwalker's Alliance Trigger III

Not a player spell: Clicky, NPC spell, Proc, etc.

Slot 1: Increase Spell and DoT Damage Taken by 2095% to 2200% (After Crit)
Slot 2: Limit Spells: Doomwalker's Alliance
Slot 3: Limit Spells:
Slot 4: Limit: Different Caster
Slot 5: Cast on Max Hits: Doomwalker's Fulmination III

Mana: 0
Casting Time: Instant
Dispellable: Yes
Duration: 3 ticks
Target: Single
Spell Type: Detrimental - Resist: Magic -1000
Range: 200
Max Hits: 10
Max Hits Type: Matching Spells
Song Window: Yes

In Game Description: Adds between 2095 and 2200% damage to incoming Doomwalker's Soulstrikes from Monks that were not the initial creator of the alliance for up to 18s (3 Ticks).
If 10 strikes land in that time, it will trigger *1%N, dealing *12095 damage to the bearer.

Land on you: You are targeted by a doomwalker's alliance.
Land on other: Target is targeted by a doomwalker's alliance.
Wear off: The doomwalker's alliance fades.

Doomwalker's Alliance Trigger III By: EQResource Spell Parser On: September 22, 2016, 12:27:05 PM

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