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Bone Curse

Not a player spell: Clicky, NPC spell, Proc, etc.

Slot 1: Cast: Bone Crunch if Hit by Spell and Conditions are Met (50% Chance)
Slot 2: Limit Type: Beneficial
Slot 3: Limit Effect: Current Hit Points
Slot 4: Limit Effect: Current Hit Points Non Repeating
Slot 5: Limit Effect: Current Hit Points Repeating
Slot 6: Decrease Healing Taken by 33% (v120, Before Crit)
Slot 7: Increase Disease Counter by 35

Mana: 0
Casting Time: Instant
Dispellable: Yes
Duration: 60s
Target: Single
Spell Type: Detrimental - Resist: Disease -1000
Range: 600

NPC's that use this spell:

In Game Description: Turns healing into more harm for %Z.

Land on You: You feel cursed
Land on Other: Target is cursed.
Wear off: You feel better.

Bone Curse By: EQResource Spell Parser On: November 07, 2016, 03:24:53 PM

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