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Imbue Ally Rk. II

Necromancer (105)

Slot 1: Cast on Fade: Gift of Coagulated Essence Chance
Slot 4: Add Melee Proc: Imbued Lifeclaw II with 200% Rate Mod
Slot 5: Buff Stacking Blocker B (140)

Mana: 767
Casting Time: 0.5s
Recast Time: 18s
Spell Bar Lockout: 1.5s
Interruptible: Yes
Dispellable: Yes
Duration: 3m
Skill: Alteration
Target: Pet
Spell Type: Beneficial: Blockable
Range: 100

Items with this effect:

In Game Description: Gives your minion the ability to drain life via its melee attacks for a short period of time. When the effect fades your minion will sometimes provide you with an Essence Emerald.

Land on Other: Target is imbued with an explosive necromantic essence.

Imbue Ally Rk. II By: EQResource Spell Parser On: June 11, 2016, 03:46:33 PM

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