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Necromancer (52) - Wizard (52)

Slot 1: Absorbs 100% of All Damage until 600 Damage has been Absorbed
Slot 6: Increase Current Mana by 1 per tick

Mana: 330
Casting Time: 5s
Recast Time: 1.5s
Spell Bar Lockout: 1.5s
Interruptible: Yes
Dispellable: Yes
Duration: 2h
Skill: Abjuration
Target: Self
Spell Type: Beneficial: Blockable
Consume Item ID: 10028 x 1

Items with this effect:

In Game Description: Covers you in a magical skin that absorbs some damage before dissipating. This spell also increases your mana regeneration rate. Consumes a peridot when cast.

Land on You: Your skin gleams with an incandescent glow.
Land on Other: Target's skin gleams with an incandescent glow.
Wear off: Your skin returns to normal.

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