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Spell Comparisons by ID are across the 3 Game Versions - Live, Test and Beta (Beta Data can only be seen by Premium Members, when no NDA is present).

If a Version has blank data its value does not exist in the current Parsed DB for that Game Version (Mainly in the case of New Spells). This MIGHT make some of the data look weird, check the spell in the regular Spells page for Normal Data.

  Live Test
Name Remote Sphere of Decay Remote Sphere of Decay
Class Necromancer (104) Necromancer (104)
Spell Effect Slots Slot 1: Aura Effect: Decay Effect (PCIObNecS21L104EchoDmgPulseRk1)
Slot 1: Aura Effect: Decay Effect (PCIObNecS21L104EchoDmgPulseRk1)
Mana 4321 4321
Cast Time 3s 3s
Recast Time 1.5s 1.5s
Spell Bar Lockout 1.5s 1.5s
Duration Instant Instant
Interruptable Yes Yes
Skill Conjuration Conjuration
Target Target Ring AE Target Ring AE
Spell Type Beneficial: Blockable Beneficial: Blockable
Spell Range 200 200