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ID: 3656
Your guild data will be updated in EQ Players shortly.
You can not equip two instruments at the same time.

ID: 9039
Combat Eff: %1
You do not have a suspended minion.

ID: 9040
Shielding: %1%
You swap your current minion with your suspended minion.

ID: 9041
Spell Shield: %1%
You hurt yourself for %1 points.

ID: 9042
Avoidance: %1
You must remove any augments in this item before attempting to convert it.

ID: 9043
Accuracy: %1

ID: 9044
Stun Resist: %1%

ID: 9045
Strike Thr.: %1%

ID: 9140
Piercing Only
1h Piercing Only

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