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ID: 9164
SOE Customer Support Launcher
Thank you for contacting the support department at Sony Online Entertainment. To access our Knowledge Base or speak with a service representative, an external web browser must be activated. We will spawn this browser for you when you click "Yes" below, however the activation of this browser may minimize your game client or switch it into a windowed mode. Please ensure you are in a safe place prior to agreeing to activate the support website. We look forward to supporting your game play. Thank you.

Your %1 spell did not take hold on %2.

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ID: 9209
Your %1 spell did not take hold.

ID: 9210
Your %1 spell did not take hold on %2. (Blocked by %3.)

ID: 9211
Your %1 spell did not take hold. (Blocked by %2.)

ID: 9212
You cannot cast detrimental spells here.

ID: 9213
Casting %1 would result in your death!

ID: 9214
Your %1 spell cannot affect inanimate objects.

ID: 9216
Your target is unable to change form here.

ID: 9217
You cannot cast %1 on %2.

ID: 9509
Stacking Group: %1

ID: 9510
Stacking Group Rank: %1

ID: 11328
You are in the zone with the fewest number of players.