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ID: 5092
To reserve this character's name for up to 1 year on an upcoming server, select one of the servers below, and if your character is level 50 (or has at least 1 level 50 persona), your character's name has not yet been reserved, you haven't changed your character's name in the last 30 days, and your played time meets the requirement, click the Reserve button. Once the name is used on the server it's reserved to, the reservation is consumed and cannot be reserved again. If you delete the character on the new server, this name will be released and will be able to be used by any account.

ID: 5093
The name that is chosen is already reserved by another player. Please choose a different name.

ID: 7609
A magical force will not allow anymore to enter.
A magical force will not allow any more to enter.

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ID: 8334
Your inventory is full. %1 has been added to your overflow items! Type /itemoverflow to view them.

ID: 8335
%1 has been placed in your inventory!