10 updated strings (RED indicates old description, GREEN indicates new description):

ID: 0

ID: 3569
Your mana has absorbed %1 points of damage.
%1 consume %2 mana to absorb %3 damage.

ID: 8798
You do not sense any enchantments.
You do not sense any enchantments%1 on %2.

ID: 8799
%1 (%2 minutes remaining)
--You sense %1%2 on %3 has %4.--

ID: 8800
You sense these enchantments:
You sense %1 enchantment(s)%2 on %3:

ID: 9020
Your endurance has absorbed %1 points of damage.
%1 consume %2 endurance to absorb %3 damage.

ID: 9025
Ragrax, Stronghold of the Twelve
Your buyline for '%1' has been deactivated, you may only have one buyline per item.

ID: 9026
Plane of Time
That combine would result in a Lore-Equipped item (%1) you already possess.

ID: 9078
You strike through your opponent's defenses!
The result of this recipe shares a lore-equip group with an item you already possess.

Do you still wish to perform this tradeskill combine?

ID: 14505
You must target something to inspect buffs.
/inspectbuffs usage: Displays a list of buffs on the target. Use /inspectbuffs mine to display only spells cast by you.

2 new strings found:

ID: 8299
You were unable to join the raid, it is currently locked.

ID: 8300
%1 could not be added to the raid because they accepted an invitation while the raid was locked.