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ID: 6279
Membership Restriction Messages
System Messages

ID: 11351
Please use /pickzone to choose a new zone instance. This zone has the fewest number of players and is now locked. All corpses have been moved to the base zone and mercenaries will despawn in 120 seconds. Players that leave this zone will no longer be allowed to return.
This zone will shut down in 15 minutes! Please zone elsewhere or use /pickzone. Player corpses will appear in the main zone.

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Custom Color

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Match Chat Color

ID: 9401
Full (hh:mm:ss)

ID: 9402
Short (hh:mm)

ID: 9403
Short (mm:ss)

ID: 9404

ID: 11353
Item Overflow window toggle

ID: 11354
You have a new overflow item. /itemoverflow to see it

ID: 11355
You have overflow items available. /itemoverflow to view

ID: 11356
You have successfully retrieved overflow item %1 x %2.

ID: 11357
You can only retrieve this item on the correct character.

ID: 14543
Character creation has been locked on this server. You will not be able to create a new character unless character creation is unlocked.