17 updated strings (RED indicates old description, GREEN indicates new description):

ID: 100^68
The echos of our former allies reverberates through the aether and a new Agent hears their call...^0
The echoes of our former allies reverberate through the aether and a new Agent hears their call?^0

ID: 101^68
The echos of our former allies reverberates through the aether and a new Agent hears their call...^0
The echoes of our former allies reverberate through the aether and a new Agent hears their call?^0

ID: 102^68
The echos of our former allies reverberates through the aether and a new Agent hears their call...^0
The echoes of our former allies reverberate through the aether and a new Agent hears their call?^0

ID: 109^68
The echos of our former allies reverberates through the aether. But only one agent hears their call... Equestrielle, a legend out of time!

Click [Collect Reward!] to complete this Quest and gain a new agent.^0

The echoes of our former allies reverberate through the aether. But only one agent hears their call... Equestrielle, a legend out of time!

Click [Collect Reward!] to complete this Quest and gain a new agent.^0

ID: 411^57
People have been disappearing from the docks in the butcherblock mountains. The port authority needs mercenaries to protect the area until things get safer again.^0
People have been disappearing from the docks in the Butcherblock Mountains. The port authority needs mercenaries to protect the area until things get safer again.^0

ID: 431^57
Prices the on herbs used to make any number of real or fake vampire repellents are skyrocketing on the butcherblock market. Anyone that can gather these can make a good profit if they know what they are doing.^0
Prices the on herbs used to make any number of real or fake vampire repellents are skyrocketing on the Butcherblock market. Anyone that can gather these can make a good profit if they know what they are doing.^0

ID: 518^57
Vampires have been making forays into parts of butcherblock that they would normally avoid. This is dangerous to everyone and Kaladim is offering a reward for vampire ears.^0
Vampires have been making forays into parts of Butcherblock that they would normally avoid. This is dangerous to everyone and Kaladim is offering a reward for vampire ears.^0

ID: 661^57
What started as an undead incursion into butcherblock has become something like an all-out war. There will there be great demand for weapons, armor, and healing supplies. There should also be chances to acquire goods from those that no longer need them. A clever person could make a profit while preventing a potential war that could endanger Kaladim itself.^0
What started as an undead incursion into Butcherblock has become something like an all-out war. There will there be great demand for weapons, armor, and healing supplies. There should also be chances to acquire goods from those that no longer need them. A clever person could make a profit while preventing a potential war that could endanger Kaladim itself.^0

ID: 745^57
A small and dangerous band of powerful high elves has been stalking dwarves throughout the mountains of butcherblock. The captain of the Kaladim guards is looking for someone that can put an end to these assaults. The fate of the high elven marauders is of no concern to the dwarves.^0
A small and dangerous band of powerful high elves has been stalking dwarves throughout the mountains of Butcherblock. The captain of the Kaladim guards is looking for someone that can put an end to these assaults. The fate of the high elven marauders is of no concern to the dwarves.^0

ID: 754^57
It is summer and rain and sleet are blowing throughout butcherblock. This has made travel and trade with Kaladim just about impossible, and resources in the city have recently been depleted for some big party. The leadership of Kaladim are looking for someone that can find the source of this clearly magical disturbance and stop it before Kaladim becomes too vulnerable to attack.^0
It is summer and rain and sleet are blowing throughout Butcherblock. This has made travel and trade with Kaladim just about impossible, and resources in the city have recently been depleted for some big party. The leadership of Kaladim are looking for someone that can find the source of this clearly magical disturbance and stop it before Kaladim becomes too vulnerable to attack.^0

ID: 5049^30
Bonuses: Bonus Experience for EverQuest's Anniversary^0
Bonuses: EverQuest's Anniversary^0

ID: 5049^31
You'll earn additional experience in honor of EverQuest's anniversary!^0
You'll earn additional experience, rare enemies are more likely to appear, lockout times are reduced, and members will enjoy a 15% Marketplace discount!^0

ID: 5049^33

ID: 59982^6
Gives your minion the ability to cast *#4%N via its melee attacks for %z. When the effect fades your minion has a *#1#1% chance to provide you with *#1*$1$1 {44}*#1*$1#1.^0
Gives your minion the ability to cast *#4%N via its melee attacks for %z. When the effect fades your minion has a *#1#1% chance to cast *#1*$1%N.^0

ID: 59983^6
Gives your minion the ability to cast *#4%N via its melee attacks for %z. When the effect fades your minion has a *#1#1% chance to provide you with *#1*$1$1 {44}*#1*$1#1.^0
Gives your minion the ability to cast *#4%N via its melee attacks for %z. When the effect fades your minion has a *#1#1% chance to cast *#1*$1%N.^0

ID: 59984^6
Gives your minion the ability to cast *#4%N via its melee attacks for %z. When the effect fades your minion has a *#1#1% chance to provide you with *#1*$1$1 {44}*#1*$1#1.^0
Gives your minion the ability to cast *#4%N via its melee attacks for %z. When the effect fades your minion has a *#1#1% chance to cast *#1*$1%N.^0

ID: 59988^6
Has a #1% chance to cast *$1%N, which creates *$1$1 {44}*$1#1.^0
Has a #1% chance to cast *$1%N.^0

702 new strings found:

ID: 224^56
Recruit Amber^0

ID: 224^57
It might be possible to gain influence of Amber, if you peer back far enough in time. She is the mother of the first half-elf, a rebel who risked all for love. Her power lies in her iron will and empathy.^0

ID: 224^68
Amber is open-minded and will listen when given subtle directions.^0

ID: 224^69
Amber needed to be approached at a different time and in a different way.^0

ID: 225^56
Recruit Banker Rylisan^0

ID: 225^57
Banker Rylisan has served her community for most of her life. There is an opportunity to gain her trust and put her kind heart and clever mind to work.^0

ID: 225^68
Rylisan can be moved to leave her community and help where needed.^0

ID: 225^69
Rylisan could not be persuaded to leave her people and her job.^0

ID: 226^56
Recruit Bilge Farfathom^0

ID: 226^57
Most goblins can be easily swayed, but Bilge is not one of those. He is clever and spiritual. Now is the moment when he is open. Take this chance to gain influence over him.^0

ID: 226^68
Bilge will follow the proper notions if they move him further along his spiritual path. And if there is treasure to be found.^0

ID: 226^69
Bilge was not ready to be influenced. Another time, another approach.^0

ID: 227^56
Recruit Captain Silverwind^0

ID: 227^57
Captain Silverwind is a strict authoritarian. It could be possible to influence his actions with the proper sense of authority.^0

ID: 227^68
The captain understands that he is not the only one in charge.^0

ID: 227^69
Captain Silverwind does not recognize any other chain of authority than the one he already knows.^0

ID: 228^56
Recruit Challice^0

ID: 228^57
Challice has experienced love and loss. She has been powerless and powerful. It could be possible to show her paths that lead to power and love and guide her onto them.^0

ID: 228^68
Challice can be shown paths that she has not known before.^0

ID: 228^69
Challice's was unable to see any other path to power or happiness than the one she is on.^0

ID: 229^56
Recruit Clockwork VIIX^0

ID: 229^57
Mizzle is a complicated being. He loves taking forms that are not his own, and often loses himself in them. His changability may allow him to follow other paths and accept ideas that change things for him.^0

ID: 229^68
Clockwork VIIX is malleable and will go where he is needed.^0

ID: 229^69
Mizzle was a little too focused on his current personality to see any other.^0

ID: 230^56
Recruit Commander Gearwell^0

ID: 230^57
Gearwell is a product of Meldrath's teaching. He knows to act how he was taught. This is the reason for his success. It might be possible to guide him with another teacher's voice.^0

ID: 230^68
Gearwell is open to other influences alongside that of Meldrath.^0

ID: 230^69
Commander Gearwell would not be swayed.^0

ID: 231^56
Recruit Conium Darkblade^0

ID: 231^57
Conium is a dark person. He listens only to himself. The only way to influence him will be to speak to him in his own voice.^0

ID: 231^68
Conium will now accept ideas as if they were his own.^0

ID: 231^69
Conium can only hear his own voice and will not be influenced by others.^0

ID: 232^56
Recruit Corflunk^0

ID: 232^57
Corflunk is not a complicated being. This may prove a drawback when trying to guide him. Care will be needed.^0

ID: 232^68
Corflunk, if handled carefully, can be aimed like a catapult stone. That is as much as could be expected.^0

ID: 232^69
Corflunk not listen!^0

ID: 233^56
Recruit Dwigus Lowater^0

ID: 233^57
Dwigus Lowater is an exprienced hunter and one of the few aqua goblins that enjoys traveling great distances. He is an explorer and could be open to new experiences.^0

ID: 233^68
Dwigus will be pleased to be shown new things to find and probably kill.^0

ID: 233^69
Dwigus grew wary and retreated from the influnce.^0

ID: 234^56
Recruit Elia the Pure^0

ID: 234^57
Elia likes to soak up the sun, live in the moment, and love what she is and where she is. She is true of heart and will be difficult to trick. She must be shown truth and guided by it.^0

ID: 234^68
Elia will accept the truth when she sees it.^0

ID: 234^69
Elia shied away from an influence that she did not understand.^0

ID: 235^56
Recruit Ennixy Frennor^0

ID: 235^57
Ennixy is a conspirator. she enjoys thinking of plots real of imagined. She loves turning gears and making things happen because of her actions. It might not be hard to offer her gears that she would not otherwise have known.^0

ID: 235^68
Ennixy is open to new machinations.^0

ID: 235^69
Ennixy saw only trickery and pitfalls and would not be swayed.^0

ID: 236^56
Recruit Equestrielle^0

ID: 236^57
Equestrielle is the essence of light and goodness. It will not be possible to influence her through anything but her heart. If shown ways to help, she can learn to trust.^0

ID: 236^68
Equestrielle accepted the influence through trust and love. She can be guided through the same.^0

ID: 236^69
Equistrielle shied away and would not let her heart be touched.^0

ID: 237^56
Recruit Estrella of Gloomwater^0

ID: 237^57
Estrella of Gloomwater is wise to the ways of seduction and trickery. She is also atuned to nature and the ebb and flow of life. If she is approached using the right rythms she may listen.^0

ID: 237^68
There is now a harmony with Estrella.^0

ID: 237^69
Estrella of Gloomwater was not ready to accept the rythms offered.^0

ID: 238^56
Recruit Farios Elianos^0

ID: 238^57
Farios is a fanatic. He becomes unwaveringly interested in something until he can't know more about it or do more with it. This is a potential path through which he might be influenced.^0

ID: 238^68
Farios is open to changes of his intense focus.^0

ID: 238^69
Farios is too intent on his current project to see anything else.^0

ID: 239^56
Recruit Forpar Fizfla^0

ID: 239^57
Forpar is forgetful and brilliant. This should make it simple to give him direction and letting him make the best of it.^0

ID: 239^68
Forpar is open to suggestions.^0

ID: 239^69
Forpar lost his train of thought and any thread of attachement made to him.^0

ID: 240^56
Recruit Guard Orcflayer^0

ID: 240^57
Guard Orcflayer is a proud man. He is proud of his reputation. But sometimes he wants to be more, to mean more to people than just being a killer of enemies. This can be what guides him if the proper influence is applied.^0

ID: 240^68
Guard Orcflayer will enthusiastically take on new challenges.^0

ID: 240^69
Guard Orcflayer was too frightened to leave the comfort of his current patterns.^0

ID: 241^56
Recruit Head Administrator Grigano^0

ID: 241^57
As an administrator, Grigano has learned to love things that are orderly and expected. It may be difficult to move him from his destined path.^0

ID: 241^68
Grigano has been shown the exhilaration of new things and chaos. He may not embrace it, but he is interested in experiencing things out of his control.^0

ID: 241^69
The Head Administrator showed no interest at all in change or unplanned activity.^0

ID: 242^56
Recruit Kimble Nogflop^0

ID: 242^57
Kimble is a kind soul. He loves the animals he cares for. But he is also prideful. He likes the fact that he is the only zookeeper. It may be difficult to move him to leave his job and his animals, even for a short time.^0

ID: 242^68
Kimble will be able to leave his home and assist when needed, though it will be hard for him.^0

ID: 242^69
Kimble may never leave his small universe in one small corner of Ak'Anon.^0

ID: 243^56
Recruit Lanika Shadestepper^0

ID: 243^57
Lanika loves to seize opportunities and it is this that has driven her forward when others might have floundered. If shown the right opening at the proper time she could be influenced.^0

ID: 243^68
Lanika will look when an option to change things is offered.^0

ID: 243^69
Lanika will not respond to the opportunities offered.^0

ID: 244^56
Recruit Magus Tira^0

ID: 244^57
The task a Magus has accepted is to move people from one place to another. They, however, remain in one place most of the time in order to fulfill that job. It will be challenging to influence Tira to leave her work no matter the need.^0

ID: 244^68
Magus Tira has seen the possibility of taking action and will respond to the proper nudge.^0

ID: 244^69
Magus Tira is too dedicated to helping others to be moved from her task.^0

ID: 245^56
Recruit Maukris^0

ID: 245^57
Maukris was chosen because the master saw much of himself in the young elf. It may be possible to assert influence over him through his love of art and his dedication to Mayong.^0

ID: 245^68
Maukris will listen when he is needed.^0

ID: 245^69
Maukris proved to be too narrow-minded to heed when called.^0

ID: 246^56
Recruit Nybright Sisters^0

ID: 246^57
These sisters will stay together. This is their strength and their weakness. There is an opportunity to influence them.^0

ID: 246^68
The sisters will respond if needed.^0

ID: 246^69
Two of the three sisters will not listen, and so none of them can be influenced.^0

ID: 247^56
Recruit Overseer Gakkor Deepscar^0

ID: 247^57
Gakkor is clever for a minotaur and there is the possibility that he can be influenced through his sense of superiority and strength.^0

ID: 247^68
Gakkor can be nudged if the action is framed in a way that makes him feel smart.^0

ID: 247^69
Gakkor is too impressed by himself to be influenced.^0

ID: 248^56
Recruit Peg Leg^0

ID: 248^57
This dwarf tends to hold grudges and pick fights with anyone bigger than he is. This aggression can be used to get influence over him.^0

ID: 248^68
Pegleg will listen when needed, his anger can be pointed at the proper targets.^0

ID: 248^69
Pegleg was unable and unwilling to be influenced.^0

ID: 249^56
Recruit Retlon Brenclog^0

ID: 249^57
Retlon's tenacious nature can be a source of pain for himself and those around him. It is so much a part of his nature that influence could be attached to him through it.^0

ID: 249^68
Retlon can be made to put is effort toward what is needed.^0

ID: 249^69
Retlon Brenclog was too stubborn to be influenced.^0

ID: 250^56
Recruit Serra^0

ID: 250^57
Serra's story is sad, and it haunts her to this day. She might be moved by other tragedy or the prevention of such a thing.^0

ID: 250^68
Serra will move in the direction she is needed to.^0

ID: 250^69
Serra is too lost in her own problems to listen to outside influence.^0

ID: 251^56
Recruit Signus Boran^0

ID: 251^57
Signus is no stranger to subversion and may be difficult to influence. However, there is a moment when it might be possible.^0

ID: 251^68
Signus will listen when needed, clearly with the intent of turning things for a personal gain.^0

ID: 251^69
Signus was too weary to be influenced.^0

ID: 252^56
Recruit Sister Donna^0

ID: 252^57
Her troubles and loss are her motivators for a time in her life. That is when it might be possible to reach her.^0

ID: 252^68
Donna will answer the call when needed.^0

ID: 252^69
Donna could not be reached through all her turmoil.^0

ID: 253^56
Recruit Ssynthi^0

ID: 253^57
Anyone that never gives up on a thing lost can be motivated through the notion of persistence.^0

ID: 253^68
Ssynthi can be motivated to do what is needed.^0

ID: 253^69
Ssynthi could not be influenced.^0

ID: 254^56
Recruit Tandan Nybright^0

ID: 254^57
Tandan's losses and shame have affected him deeply. There is a chance to influence him to be more, to be a hero.^0

ID: 254^68
Tandan will try to help when needed.^0

ID: 254^69
Tandan was unwilling to change, disinterested in hope.^0

ID: 255^56
Recruit The Prophet^0

ID: 255^57
This orc is used to whispering in the ear of stronger and more dangerous creatures. Perhaps he will listen to the whispers of others.^0

ID: 255^68
The Prophet will hear whispers.^0

ID: 255^69
The Prophet could not be influenced.^0

ID: 256^56
Recruit Thistle Underbrush^0

ID: 256^57
Thistle is, like most brownies, a free spirit. If he is to be influenced it will have to be done as a part of his whimsy.^0

ID: 256^68
With careful direction, Thistle will go where needed.^0

ID: 256^69
Influence slid off the brownie as his mind constantly churned with new thoughts.^0

ID: 257^56
Recruit Tumpy Irontoe^0

ID: 257^57
Tumpy is grounded, even for a dwarf. It will be hard to move him out of his beer and go where needed.^0

ID: 257^68
Tumpy will heed the call when needed.^0

ID: 257^69
Tumpy could not be swayed.^0

ID: 258^56
Recruit Usbak the Old^0

ID: 258^57
Usbak seems to be made of stone. He is, however, motivated to help his fellow dwarves and can be influenced on their behalf.^0

ID: 258^68
Usbak will move when he is needed.^0

ID: 258^69
Usbak could not be moved.^0

ID: 259^56
Recruit Zarchoomi^0

ID: 259^57
Zarchoomi is a wandering, angry mass of power. It should be possible to motivate her to go where she will be useful.^0

ID: 259^68
Zarchoomi can be nudged toward where she is needed.^0

ID: 259^69
Zarchoomi continues on her own path.^0

ID: 260^56
Recruit Anitohk the Everliving^0

ID: 260^57
Anitohk fears nothing. He is the one that represents fear. It might be possible to gain enough influence to offer opportunities to him, opportunities to bring his terror to others.^0

ID: 260^68
The everliving monster will now sense the opportunities presented to him.^0

ID: 260^69
Anithok's mind is too dark, too lost in its own evil to hear any other voices.^0

ID: 261^56
Recruit Barrith the Brave^0

ID: 261^57
The pit fighter fights for the crowd. He listens to their voices. It might be possible to add another voice to the crowd, one that he will hear when needed.^0

ID: 261^68
A strong voice will now echo among those of the cheering crowd when the need arises.^0

ID: 261^69
The cheering was just too loud, the warrior too intent on the battle, for another voice to be heard.^0

ID: 262^56
Recruit Bimbalicus the Soulbleeder^0

ID: 262^57
Bimbalicus is not always infested with the souls of others. Once that happens his mind is lost and it will never hear anything but screaming. But at the right moment it is possible to gain influence on him without the screaming souls to interfere.^0

ID: 262^68
The Soulbleeder will now listen to a soul that is not his own. Perhaps this is the first step down his dark path.^0

ID: 262^69
The time was wrong, the souls too loud.^0

ID: 263^56
Recruit Butler Syncall^0

ID: 263^57
The butler obeys his master and none other. It might be possible to speak in his master's voice and be obeyed.^0

ID: 263^68
Syncall will listen, no matter which master calls him.^0

ID: 263^69
Mayong's evil is very strong, Syncall's loyalty is absolute.^0

ID: 264^56
Recruit Cavalier Devolah^0

ID: 264^57
Devolah is dedicated to her cause, unflinching in her bravery. It might be possible to influence subtleties about what her cause actually is.^0

ID: 264^68
Devolah's belief remains strong, she will listen to another's advice about how to direct that belief if needed.^0

ID: 264^69
Devolah can not be influenced so easiy.^0

ID: 265^56
Recruit Dabner Drednever^0

ID: 265^57
Fearless Dabner always willing to aid a friend. It is possible, if the time is proper, to speak to him as just such a friend.^0

ID: 265^68
Dabner has a new friend.^0

ID: 265^69
Even a simple mind knows when it is being moved by someone else. He was not ready to become and agent.^0

ID: 266^56
Recruit Galeth Veredeth^0

ID: 266^57
Galeth has lived his life a teacher and protector. These are the traits upon which his self-worth is founded. It is possible to influence his direction if he is motivated by these lifelong values.^0

ID: 266^68
Galeth's strength can be directed when the need arises.^0

ID: 266^69
Galeth's foundation was strong and could not be moved.^0

ID: 267^56
Recruit Garanel Rucksif^0

ID: 267^57
Ghosts are often driven by something that they felt was left undone during their lives. This may make it possible to nudge them in a certain direction using that sense of need.^0

ID: 267^68
Garanel, though a ghost, is haunted by his own life. Having purpose eases his burden. It is now possible to give him that purpose.^0

ID: 267^69
Garanel is far too lost in his own suffering to hear anything other than his own wails.^0

ID: 268^56
Recruit Gearheart^0

ID: 268^57
Gearheart has a love of small shiny things. He sees ideas as such things, and it might be possible to help him see such things if the proper influence is applied.^0

ID: 268^68
Gearheart will follow the bright path set before him when he is needed.^0

ID: 268^69
Gearheart was too distracted to notice what he was being shown.^0

ID: 269^56
Recruit Joren Nobleheart^0

ID: 269^57
Joren lives to slay the undead. Other things have taken a back seat in his life. It might be possible to move some things back into the driver's seat if the motivation is strong enough.^0

ID: 269^68
It will be possible to give Joren new goals if needed.^0

ID: 269^69
Joren could not be nudged away from his one true desire.^0

ID: 270^56
Recruit Lady Chiasa^0

ID: 270^57
Dark hearted, Chiasa is still a lady for all her blood drinking and killing. It is possible to show her the elegance in things other than devouring others.^0

ID: 270^68
Lady Chiasa can be shown other paths and will follow them if required.^0

ID: 270^69
The lady was disinterested in change.^0

ID: 271^56
Recruit Lord Nethryn the Arbitrato^0

ID: 271^57
Nethryn's life has been unusual for a high elf. He has always seen things in a slightly different light than others of his kind. If other things are placed in that light, he may take them into his philosophy.^0

ID: 271^68
It is now possible to urge Lord Nethryn to follow other paths.^0

ID: 271^69
Lord Nethryn could not be shown any other light than the one he knows.^0

ID: 272^56
Recruit Lorisyn Oakwynd^0

ID: 272^57
Lorisyn's tragic fate leaves only a short window in which to gain his assistance. However, that assistance would be very helpful. He was brilliant with words and people listened when he spoke.^0

ID: 272^68
Lorisyn will come when needed and lend his voice where desired.^0

ID: 272^69
The timing was wrong. Lorisyn could not be influenced.^0

ID: 273^56
Recruit Lyirae Oakwynd^0

ID: 273^57
She was driven to action by her brother's death. Even so, it could be possible to get her to head other motivations.^0

ID: 273^68
It seems that Lyirae can be motivated, and doing so may just ease her suffering a little.^0

ID: 273^69
Lyirae could not be pulled away from her obsession at this time.^0

ID: 274^56
Recruit Maid Issis^0

ID: 274^57
Issis is a complex creature. She has never been only a servant, she has other interests. It is possible to get her interested in what must be done.^0

ID: 274^68
Issis's active and clever mind is interested in new things.^0

ID: 274^69
Issis was too involved in her own plans to be shown any other.^0

ID: 275^56
Recruit Nylianne the True^0

ID: 275^57
Nylianne is familiar with influences outside herself. Tunare speaks to her, so it is possible for others to do so.^0

ID: 275^68
Nylianne is willing to be directed by those beyond her, if the need is great enough.^0

ID: 275^69
Nylianne was unwilling to listen when her goddess was not speaking.^0

ID: 276^56
Recruit Nyzil Bloodforge^0

ID: 276^57
Guarding the crossroads has given Nyzil a sort of philosophical view on the world not often shared by other dwarves. He has made the idea of seeing two paths as the mantra for his life. He, however, is rarely offered any path other than the physical ones he sees every day.^0

ID: 276^68
Nyzil will see options when they are presented.^0

ID: 276^69
Nyzil was too fixated on his physical options to see others offered to him.^0

ID: 277^56
Recruit Ognit Eznertob^0

ID: 277^57
The most prominent of Ognit's flaws is his insatiable curiosity. It should be possible to draw his attention to things that show him new paths and expect him to follow them.^0

ID: 277^68
Ognit is open to seeing new possibilities.^0

ID: 277^69
Ognit was too easily distracted to follow one thread and understand what was being shown to him.^0

ID: 278^56
Recruit Overvolt Rigster the IV^0

ID: 278^57
Overvolt enjoys finding new ways to use common things. His mind is open to all sorts of things, and if the timing is right and the effort correct, he can be directed as needed.^0

ID: 278^68
Overvolt Rigster (the IV) has a mind open to hearing suggestions if he is needed.^0

ID: 278^69
Overvolt's mind was too cluttered with ideas to accept new ones.^0

ID: 279^56
Recruit Princess Joleena^0

ID: 279^57
Joleena is not much for responsibility. This is a trait she shares with many faeries. However, she believes in her own nobility, and that will drive her to take chances to prove how noble she is.^0

ID: 279^68
Joleena can be shown paths to reach greater nobility.^0

ID: 279^69
Joleena's attention was just too difficult to keep on one subject long enough to influence her.^0

ID: 280^56
Recruit Reaver Lebanezer^0

ID: 280^57
Reaver is a title earned in nefarious ways. Lebanezer should be open to ideas that offer him chances for more recognition.^0

ID: 280^68
Reaver Lebanezer can now be given new ideas.^0

ID: 280^69
Lebanezer could not be shown anything new, was unwilling to accept other's ideas.^0

ID: 281^56
Recruit Shifty Jenkins^0

ID: 281^57
Bartenders are known to be good listeners. Shifty has that quality. He also sees opportunity in every word he hears. Finding an avenue to suggest such opportunities should be possible.^0

ID: 281^68
Shifty will listen in the future.^0

ID: 281^69
Shifty was too dubious to listen.^0

ID: 282^56
Recruit The Collector^0

ID: 282^57
Shiny things are important to the Collector, but he is not a stupid animal. He is clever and can be convinced to do what is neccessary. It helps, however, if there are also shiny things.^0

ID: 282^68
The Collecter will follow suggestions if couched in the proper way.^0

ID: 282^69
Shiny things were far too distracting at this time.^0

ID: 283^56
Recruit Thubr Axebringer^0

ID: 283^57
Thubr is dedicated to his warrior status and protecting those that need protection. It should be possible to nudge him toward places where he is needed.^0

ID: 283^68
Thubr is open to new directions when his help is needed.^0

ID: 283^69
Thubr could not be turned from his need to protect Kaladim and Firiona Vie.^0

ID: 284^56
Recruit Ambassador D'Vinn^0

ID: 284^57
There few craftier or more nefarious than D'Vinn. His sharp mind is distrustrustful of everyone, but there is a moment when he might be swayed.^0

ID: 284^68
D'Vinn has sensed the Overseer and will heed their suggestions, even if he never knows is was not his own idea.^0

ID: 284^69
The dark elf's will is dense, his mind defensive. He remains beyond reach.^0

ID: 285^56
Recruit Avatar of Brell^0

ID: 285^57
Gaining any influence over an avatar of a god is almost impossible. When the opportunity shows itself, strike. Being able to incluence the avatar of Brell would be invaluable.^0

ID: 285^68
Some strings can not be pulled too hard. But at least one is attached and this powerful avatar will do what he is needed to do.^0

ID: 285^69
The god's will is the only will the avatar adheres to.^0

ID: 286^56
Recruit Avatar of Tunare^0

ID: 286^57
In the deep forests even an avatar will pause and reflect. It is at this moment that influence over such a being might be possible.^0

ID: 286^68
Music plays in the avatar's mind. Birds tweet and rivers run. And amid those sounds another voice now whispers and she will heed it.^0

ID: 286^69
It was not possible to harmonize with the avatar's rythms.^0

ID: 287^56
Recruit Emperor Crush^0

ID: 287^57
Mighty and ferocious, Emperor Crush allows no one to make decisions for him. But it might be possible to influence his choices in ways that he would not notice.^0

ID: 287^68
Crush is moved by anger and violence. He can be moved through his desire for both, and he will here a calling to those things as needed.^0

ID: 287^69
The red wall of anger, rage, and bloodlust remains unbreached.^0

ID: 288^56
Recruit Firiona Vie^0

ID: 288^57
Firiona has grown stronger and even more independent over time, bolstered by the love and support of her friends. But there were times when this was not the case. The young elf struggling to find her footing could be nudged and influenced, if handled properly.^0

ID: 288^68
The proud and beloved hero always heeds a cry for help. If needed, she will here such cries and do what is desired.^0

ID: 288^69
Firiona remains unswayed, her path still completely her own.^0

ID: 289^56
Recruit First Ranger Kele^0

ID: 289^57
An legend from Norrath's past. Kele was beloved and honored for hers efforts on behalf of her people. But for all her legendary status, Kele was always willing to take advice, and influencing her is possible, if the time is carefully chosen.^0

ID: 289^68
Driven by the overwhelming need to protect those she loves, she will listen when the proper call for her is made.^0

ID: 289^69
Kele heads only the needs of her friends and her people.^0

ID: 290^56
Recruit King Kazon Stormhammer^0

ID: 290^57
There are few beings more stubborn and a dwarf, fewer still than a dwarven king. But clever kings listen to advisors and know when action is needed. Kazon is certainly clever, and it should be possible to gain influence over him.^0

ID: 290^68
The King will now listen to thoughts and ideas that he believes are his own, even if they are not.^0

ID: 290^69
The king remains stubborn, he heart still solid stone.^0

ID: 291^56
Recruit King Tearis Thex^0

ID: 291^57
Tearis Thex was taught his entire life that he was destined to lead. He took that mantel and has been unwavering in his willingness and ability to support his people. It will take carefully applied effort to sway this one.^0

ID: 291^68
All stong leaders believe in themselves. It is now possible to speak to the king in his own voice.^0

ID: 291^69
The king remains uninfluenced by anything other than his own thoughts.^0

ID: 292^56
Recruit Marcia Attamilgad^0

ID: 292^57
The shadiest swashbuckler is wise, clever, and extremely resourceful. An invaluable if she can be made into an ally.^0

ID: 292^68
Clever ideas will always be interesting to Marcia. It is now possible to insert just such ideas into her life.^0

ID: 292^69
Marcia was too wary to be influenced.^0

ID: 293^56
Recruit Mayong Mistmoore^0

ID: 293^57
Ancient and mysterious, Mayong Mistmoore is an enigma even to those closest to him, which are very few. He does not take advice well and has unlimited faith in himself. However, there were times long, long ago that this was not true. Brief periods where it might be possible to gain influence over him.^0

ID: 293^68
Mayong's mind is filled with shadows, not all of them are under his control. There are a few more now.^0

ID: 293^69
Mayong was too self-involved to listen.^0

ID: 294^56
Recruit Meldrath The Malignant^0

ID: 294^57
Meldrath is a being of pure evil. Split from all that was good within him he has never had consideration for others. This, however, can be used against him. It is possible to gain influence over him for one that is very careful.^0

ID: 294^68
Meldrath is driven by inspiration and clever ideas, unrestrained by consequences. Luckily, he is very open to clever ideas.^0

ID: 294^69
Meldrath only had ears for his own voice and machinations.^0

ID: 295^56
Recruit Phinigel Autropos^0

ID: 295^57
Phinigel has lived a long time. He has been the only member of his entire species for much of that time. Despite his powerful will, it is possible to push him in a desired direction if the proper groundwork is laid.^0

ID: 295^68
The currents of Phinigel's life can be swayed, and this them so can Phinigel himself.^0

ID: 295^69
Phinegel's mind was full of calm waters and could not be moved.^0

ID: 700^56
Spelunking for Apples^0

ID: 700^57
A group of adventurers have gotten lost while exploring the Mistmoore Catacombs and have run out of rations. They're all dead by now, but perhaps they had some equipment on them that could be used.^0

ID: 700^68
Among the items that was ransacked, some useful bits and bobs have been located!^0

ID: 700^69
Nothing of use was found amongst the bodies. Perhaps they have already been absconded by others. Or perhaps these adventurers didn't go into the catacombs prepared enough?^0

ID: 701^56
Changing of the Guards^0

ID: 701^57
A trickster is offering gold and riches to the first person to track them down within the halls of Castle Mistmoore. All one must do is simply touch the trickster and they will be the victor. However, the catch is that they cannot be seen by the guards.^0

ID: 701^68
Impressed by the ability to hide from the guards, the trickster bestows their blessing in the form of treasure.^0

ID: 701^69
Hiding from the guards in a castle is much more difficult than originally thought. Especially one where nobody needs to rest.^0

ID: 702^56
Must have been the Wind^0

ID: 702^57
An alarming amount of guards have been attacked and whole villages have been ransacked as of recently in the Hills of Shade. A heroic guardian is needed to help keep the denizens safe while they recover from other struggles.^0

ID: 702^68
The scholars and soldiers have been successfully protected, allowing them to recover and continue the good fight.^0

ID: 702^69
The cool night air was strangely comfortable, causing unwanted slumber to come easily. This opened an attack of opportunity upon the scholars, losing valuable information. The other guards seek assistance from another source.^0

ID: 703^56
Quality Control^0

ID: 703^57
A group of weaponsmiths are trying to perfect their blade crafting ability but seem to be running into a major issue, a lack of creativity. This form of crafter's block can be dire, and the artisans need a bit more inspiration to come up with something deadlier to help the forces fighting in the Hills of Shade.^0

ID: 703^68
The new weapons have proven useful and have started to be distributed amongst the defenders to fight back the encroaching darkness.^0

ID: 703^69
Nothing new came to mind. Looks like they will have to go back to the drawing board on this strategy. Hopefully something can be thought of before it is too late.^0

ID: 704^56
Wrapping on my Chamber Door^0

ID: 704^57
The hunt continues for some delicious grave moss and there is no better place to find some than within the Mistmoore Catacombs. The moss is difficult to locate with an untrained eye, but worth the work for it.^0

ID: 704^68
The smell of the moss is intoxicating and even though some unconventional tactics where employed, was fairly easy to harvest.^0

ID: 704^69
While the moss was found easily, trying to harvest a useful amount of it was proven fruitless.^0

ID: 705^56
Lost at C^0

ID: 705^57
Tomes of important history of the Erudite have been discovered from a recently unearthed cache within Kedge Keep. Someone needs to gather this information so that it is not lost to the currents.^0

ID: 705^68
Not only was the cache located and recovered, but the information about the history of the Erudites is invaluable to scholars.^0

ID: 705^69
The cache that was unearthed was damaged too much during the recovery process. The information within it is completely lost to the ocean.^0

ID: 706^56
Nobody Axed You^0

ID: 706^57
Nobles in Southern Felwithe tend to keep heirlooms from their adventures. However, one such heirloom doesn't belong to one of the high elves within the Enchanters Guild and is being used as an invisible guard. Somebody needs to reason with this noble in hopes to bring the axe to its rightful owner.^0

ID: 706^68
Hearing the plea brought forth in heated discussion, the noble decides to give up their axe to find a more suitable weapon for defense.^0

ID: 706^69
Having been laughed out of discussions, it appears that the axe will remain where it is for now.^0

ID: 707^56
For Whom the Toll Bells^0

ID: 707^57
Merchants are finding it increasingly difficult to traverse between the Steamfont Mountains and Ak'Anon due to the increase in toll prices between the cities. However, a sales push should be able to cover their expenses for a while. ^0

ID: 707^68
The sale was so successful that the merchants sold out of most of their wares before they were even out of the area. They will have to try and find new wares to peddle in the meantime. ^0

ID: 707^69
Whatever was being sold, nobody was buying. The merchants in this area will have to find a different route. ^0

ID: 708^56
New Camp, Who is This?^0

ID: 708^57
Greater Faydark has been seeing an increase of pixies but nobody seems to be able to find their base camp. It has become clear that the pixies are using a glamour to hide their location. A skilled explorer will have to be sent out to try and locate the camp.^0

ID: 708^68
Strangely enough, following one's nose was what lead to the discovery of the pixie camp within Greater Faydark. The camp smelled of sugar cookies and made mouths of the adventurers nearby water.^0

ID: 708^69
The camp remains elusive, and the pixies will continue their reign of terror within the Greater Faydark.^0

ID: 709^56
Back on the Grind^0

ID: 709^57
The orcs of Crushbone seem to be gathering for yet another attack upon the lands of Norrath. Their numbers desperately need to be culled before it is too late and the citizens of Lesser Faydark are raided.^0

ID: 709^68
The Crushbone Clan retreats to lick their wounds, both figuratively and literally. The citizens of Lesser Faydark get to hold onto their belongings for longer.^0

ID: 709^69
The Crushbone Orcs are unafraid of the attack that was brought to them. If anything, their numbers were even emboldened by the attempt. This doesn't bode well for the residents of Lesser Faydark.^0

ID: 710^56
Mistmoore or Less^0

ID: 710^57
The key to enter a secret room within the Mistmoore Castle was recently located but happens to have a magical sentry that will lock the door should anyone be found trying to enter. A quick snatch and grab will be needed in order to get past the sentry to gain access to the door and discover what is beyond.^0

ID: 710^68
Having successfully snuck past the sentry, the chamber beyond was filled with maps of faraway lands and realms that do not look familiar. However, touching the parchment causes it to crumble to dust, losing all of the information to the test of time. ^0

ID: 710^69
Sneaking past the sentry wasn't too difficult but was able to be done. Unfortunately, the room was simply a lavatory. Confusing to say the least, but also a comically huge waste of time and resources. ^0

ID: 711^56
Fresh, Never Frozen^0

ID: 711^57
A large number of lava snails are pouring in from Butcherblock. Where they have come from is anyone's guess. They need to be held back while the forced gather to kill them off.^0

ID: 711^68
With just a few scorch marks, the lava snails have been held back long enough for the army of Kaladim to defeat them.^0

ID: 711^69
Many lives were lost before the snails could be stopped.^0

ID: 712^56
Does this Look Infected?^0

ID: 712^57
Guards have been coming back to Kaladim covered in a rot that not only is causing their flesh to be eaten away slowly and painfully, but also stinks. A need for a powerful cleaner to clean off the armor is needed. It is asked to be given a rosy scent. ^0

ID: 712^68
A wonderful smelling cleaner was created. The warriors asked for a rosy scent, but the task was done so well that a plethora of other scents can also be used. ^0

ID: 712^69
Somehow, some way, an even more putrid smell was created by the cleaner. On top of that, the cleaner isn't even that good and takes longer than normal to remove the rot. ^0

ID: 713^56
Bark is worse than its spite^0

ID: 713^57
Somewhere in the Hills of Shade there is a patch of trees that grow a specific type of bark. The bark causes terrible hallucinations that warp the mind and cause madness. Some of it needs to be collected in order to make a tea used by shamans. The bark is very fragile and will need a skilled hand to gather it. Touching the bark with one's bare hands will have disastrous consequences.^0

ID: 713^68
After very careful and tedious harvesting, the bark was successfully gathered without any incidents. The shamans will be pleased. ^0

ID: 713^69
Walls bleed a black ichor as the flies surrounding the eyes of Norrath seep into the surrounding toadstools. The concoction causes fleeting feelings of undulation as a great silence can get both high and low. The bark speaks truth, listen to the words of the wood, the wood burned deep within the diamonds of time and space. Dancing lights feel fraught with angular tides. Benediction! Serenity!^0

ID: 714^56
50 Shades of Prey^0

ID: 714^57
It is no secret that the Estate of Unrest is home to many beings that refuse to move beyond the veil. While such abominations no longer house a corporeal form, they still have gleaned much wisdom about said veil and the arts of necromancy. A curious researcher may want to consider entering its depths to find a spirit willing to help teach what they know.^0

ID: 714^68
A friendly ghost whose name was lost to time was kind enough to teach what it knows about death and necromancy. They were very forthcoming with a lot of information, almost too forthcoming.^0

ID: 714^69
A ghost of an adventurer who was left behind and very upset about it wasted the scholars time by giving knowingly false information in order to amuse themselves. This was not only a mistake but humiliating as well.^0

ID: 715^56
Anything you want to Declare?^0

ID: 715^57
The pixies and the bixies are fighting again, but this time it is only in the field of politics rather than a physical battle. A staunch negotiator needs to be a mediator to the discussion in order to help move peace talks forward.^0

ID: 715^68
Without being too confusing, a treaty was brokered between the pixies and the bixies that benefitted both in a positive manner. Good fences make good neighbors and all that.^0

ID: 715^69
Henceforth, any change in the future, licensor relating to the extent caused by the licensed harvest to a third party's intellectual property infringement. In order to determine whether a page may have executed with licensor regarding such contributions...^0

ID: 716^56
Let's Never Mead Again^0

ID: 716^57
A strange brew has been concocted but the ingredient list is something that is confusing to patrons. Perhaps handing out free samples and telling the thirsty adventurers where the drink can be purchased would help with the sales of the elixir.^0

ID: 716^68
The samples worked and within the day the stock was sold, and a new batch is requested be made. This stuff seems to hit the spot for many who quaff it. ^0

ID: 716^69
Even the aspect of free booze wasn't enough to get past the thought of drink the concoction. Nobody cared, and even that conclusion is being generous. ^0

ID: 717^56
Look Before You Lead^0

ID: 717^57
The catacombs deep within Mistmoore has been a hotbed of activity as of late. It seems that a faulty adventurer opened the wrong door and let lose a liberty of mummies. Somebody needs to fight back the hordes or risk losing the Greater Faydark to the undead. ^0

ID: 717^68
The undead masses have been pushed back. What was once a liberty of mummies, is now just dust and corpse wrappings. ^0

ID: 717^69
The mummies couldn't be fought back quick enough and many lives were lost. It comes as a reminder that just opening doors in a dungeon is a bad idea. ^0

ID: 718^56
Fight Me, You Coward!^0

ID: 718^57
An undead knight in the Estate of Unrest is looking for a champion to beat them in a fight. The knight claims to have defeated an entire raiding party on its own. Somebody needs to head in there and teach this knight a lesson.^0

ID: 718^68
The knight's boasting was all bluster and no blunderbuss. Not only were they easily dispatched, but the destruction of the knight caused the local undead to be weaker, allowing more adventurers to continue within.^0

ID: 718^69
The knight was a chosen champion of Innoruuk and had received his blessing. Defeating them will take a lot more than what current resources will allow. Time to strategize a counter offensive.^0

ID: 719^56
Crack Open a Cold One^0

ID: 719^57
A lich deep within a cave hidden within the Steamfont Mountains is amassing power and if left unchecked, will become a massive issue for the land of the living, especially the gnomes. If someone could sneak in and steal their phylactery, this would bode useful to the denizens of Ak'Anon.^0

ID: 719^68
The phylactery was successfully recovered and the gnomes of Ak'Anon will do what they deem fit with it. It appears that they will use it for study, but it is unsure what they hope to glean from the item.^0

ID: 719^69
The lich's defenses were too perilous, making ingress into the cave near impossible to infiltrate.^0

ID: 720^56
Signed Permission Slips^0

ID: 720^57
A group of scholars who were out on a field trip accidentally triggered a trap within the Crypt of Shade and have been stuck in a pit for two days without food or water. They request rescue from the crypt in hopes of making it back to their camp in the Hills of Shade. They will need someone who can escort them back to safety from within the crypt.^0

ID: 720^68
The scholars were found just in time and the escort back to their camp was met with success!^0

ID: 720^69
By the time the scholars were found, they were not strong enough to survive the trek back to their camp.^0

ID: 721^56
Aint Afraid of No Ghost^0

ID: 721^57
A powerful banshee was found roaming around deep in the forest. The elves are asking for a vessel be constructed in order to move the powerful being to a more suitable location, instead of their forest.^0

ID: 721^68
The vessel was created with no imperfections, making it work flawlessly and the elves were able to transport the being to a more suitable location.^0

ID: 721^69
The vessel that was crafted was not of high enough quality to keep the banshee contained. As soon as the elves brought it to the edge of the forest it broke free and caused havoc.^0

ID: 722^56
Larder than Life^0

ID: 722^57
The stores of food have been getting a little low but the chefs of Kelethin have gatherers already out looking to fill their larder. However, they need a special type of berry that can only be found within Esianti. A skilled gatherer needs to track down the right berries and retrieve them.^0

ID: 722^68
The berries were located and the chefs of Kaladim are happy with their shipment. They will be able to craft a fine jam that goes well with a cheese they also make.^0

ID: 722^69
The berries delivered to Kaladim were poisonous berries and many dwarves became violently ill due to them. Was it the red berries with the blue leaves? Or the blue berries with the red leaves? ^0

ID: 723^56
Lessons Learned^0

ID: 723^57
A symposium on the effects of Velium and alchemy is being created for the scholars in Felwithe. Intellectuals from across Norrath are being invited to speak on the subject, and there are a few spots open for speakers to discuss what they know. A scholar worth their weight in salt would want to take this opportunity to show off their research.^0

ID: 723^68
The symposium went off without a hitch and the scholars of Norrath thank all who attended for a job well done.^0

ID: 723^69
The symposium ended up being a completely disorganized mess where nothing of value was taught or learned. Perhaps the next one will be planned better.^0

ID: 724^56
The Ol' Dusty Trail^0

ID: 724^57
Goblin tribes within the Butcherblock Mountains are at war again with each other, fighting over resources. This normally wouldn't be much of an issue, but they declared the roads between Kaladim and the Greater Faydark as their battlegrounds. A firm, yet fair negotiator is needed in order to quell the goblins for the roads to be safe to traverse again.^0

ID: 724^68
Negotiations were a success and the goblins found a common ground to work from.^0

ID: 724^69
The negotiations have failed and perhaps a more direct approach will be needed to keep the roads safe.^0

ID: 725^56
Let Me Just Scooch on Past You^0

ID: 725^57
Explorers heading to Fortress Mechanotus claim to be running out of supplies right before they get to their destination. A clever shop owner could set up an outpost to help them restock their rations and wares before heading in.^0

ID: 725^68
The wares that were brought were exactly what the adventurers needed, making it a lucrative rest stop for the weary.^0

ID: 725^69
A competitor also opened a shop further up the road, causing adventurers to already have the gear they need by the time they got to the outpost.^0

ID: 726^56
Ok Gloomer^0

ID: 726^57
A tomb was discovered in Dagnor's Cauldron and the expedition that discovered it were reckless, triggering a trap that released a toxic gloom over the party. They wandered deeper into the tomb while hallucinating and are unable to get out on their own. Someone needs to locate and rescue the party.^0

ID: 726^68
The expedition was found and returned safely to the Plane of Knowledge where the proper techniques could be employed to cure them of their gloom.^0

ID: 726^69
The expedition was discovered, but only too late. They attacked the rescuing party in a delirium, and most didn't make it out alive.^0

ID: 727^56
Shark Bait^0

ID: 727^57
Timorous Deep is being overrun by a frenzy of killer sharks. The sharks are terrorizing any and all who enter the waters around the main island, which is causing a disruption in trade routes. Some heroic adventurers need to clear out their numbers to ensure the safety of the merchants.^0

ID: 727^68
The hordes of killer sharks have been culled. The ones who didn't retreat back to the ocean are too afraid to attack the merchant ships.^0

ID: 727^69
The sharks were too much to handle and there needs to be a better strategy put in place in order to deal with them.^0

ID: 728^56
They could be talking about you!^0

ID: 728^57
The enchanters in the Planes of Knowledge have been caught holding secret meetings from deep within the libraries that houses their knowledge. Someone needs to look into their actions to ensure that nothing too shady is going on.^0

ID: 728^68
The enchanters caught the infiltrator but because of the nature of what they were doing, invited the spy into their meeting. It was simply a book club that discussed favorite tomes found and read throughout the ages. Safe, but ultimately a boring discussion.^0

ID: 728^69
The spy was caught by a sentry. The enchanters will now move their meetings to someplace a bit more secure. Who knows what exactly they were discussing but it more than likely cannot be good.^0

ID: 729^56
Over the Kedge^0

ID: 729^57
A group of fledgling adventurers wanted to see Kedge Keep for themselves and have a need of a person who can protect them during their visit. The trip won't be too far into the keep, but just enough to where danger could be lurking nearby. The added security will be a wanted relief.^0

ID: 729^68
The adventurers were able to learn what it was they went there to discuss, and everyone made it home relatively unscathed.^0

ID: 729^69
One of the adventurers turned down the wrong hallway, triggering a trap that blocked off access to the rest of the keep. Everyone made it back fine, but nothing of value was learned.^0

ID: 730^56
Straightened Arrow^0

ID: 730^57
The hunters in Kelethin are running out of arrows to hunt the local wildlife for food. A group of fletchers have gotten together to try and refill the armory with arrows so that the hunters can continue to gather food. The more crafters that can help, the quicker the job can be done.^0

ID: 730^68
The armory was refilled with some expertly crafted arrows. The hunters of Kelethin thank all of the artisans for their hard work.^0

ID: 730^69
The armory was refilled with some expertly crafted arrows. The hunters of Kelethin thank all of the artisans for their hard work.^0

ID: 731^56
Ninja Wrap^0

ID: 731^57
An artisan in the Plane of Knowledge is looking for rare mummy bandages that can only be found within Castle Mistmoore. Anyone who is brave enough to darken its threshold will be rewarded handsomely for their efforts in gathering them. The only issue is that they must be harvested directly from a mummy's corpse. Which can be difficult for those who lack the ability to be hidden.^0

ID: 731^68
Stealth and subterfuge, as well as a little pruning know-how, has resulted in a pile of freshly harvested mummy wraps. The merchant is pleased with what was found and have paid for their retrieval. ^0

ID: 731^69
Not only is it difficult to harvest fresh mummy wraps undetected in a castle of horrors, but to do so without enough skill to actually gather them is impossible. The merchants do not want the patches that were already found and are going to find a better gatherer for the job.^0

ID: 732^56
En Passant!^0

ID: 732^57
An expert chess player is looking for any challenger to beat them in a game of chess. They promise to give the first person to beat them a tome that can teach the more subtle points of conjuration. If anything, it will be very satisfying to knock this expert down a few pegs. Every time they win a game, they blow a horn, and the locals are getting really annoyed.^0

ID: 732^68
The chess master has been beaten and everybody cheers. The master hands the book to the victor and drinks are half off for the remainder of the night! Huzzah!^0

ID: 732^69
The horn is blown, the locals are annoyed, and everybody is more on edge than before. An unwanted side effect of losing to the chess master is that anybody who causes the horn to be blown must pay double for their drinks till the master is beaten, as an inconvenience cost.^0

ID: 733^56
Boomin' Shrooms^0

ID: 733^57
After being exiled from their previous home at the Innothule Swamp, a pack of fungus men need a new home and wanted to take root in the Greater Faydark. The only issue with this is that the local brownie population does not want the fungus men in their territory. A skilled diplomat could help reach an agreement to help both parties involved.^0

ID: 733^68
After much deliberation between the two groups, an accord has been struck to ensure peace in the Greater Faydark. So long as both parties continue to agree to the terms, it will be beneficial to all involved.^0

ID: 733^69
An agreement could not be made between the fungus men and the brownies. The fungus men keep moving on to find a new home, unsure of their people's survival.^0

ID: 734^56
Are you going to eat that?^0

ID: 734^57
There is a new treat that was created that mixes the best part of batwing crunchies with a puff pastry and a berry jam. This dessert food is sweeping the land of Norrath but only specific distributors are allowed to sell it within their shops. These distributors were chosen based on the amount of sales they get within a period. A shrewd business minded person could benefit from this opportunity.^0

ID: 734^68
The sales quota was met, and the distributor has allowed the sale of the delicacy within Ak'Anon!^0

ID: 734^69
Other regions outsold far more than Ak'Anon's region did, and therefor the distributor decided to go to another city to peddle its treat.^0

ID: 735^56
I see a Bloodmoon Rising^0

ID: 735^57
Recent reports coming from the Bloodmoon Keep are indicating a secret entrance which is even more secret than the other secret entrances. A brave and thorough explorer will be able to follow the rumors and locate the "super-secret" secret entrance. ^0

ID: 735^68
Getting frustrated, the explorers made camp outside of the Keep in a safe area. However, upon starting a fire, a magical sigil was shown which lead to the new and more secret secret entrance! ^0

ID: 735^69
It turns out that if someone turns right, left, left, left, right, left, straight, left, left, turn around, right, left, straight and then walk backwards from the direction they came, a secret entrance will open. However, the expedition who was sent did not do any of that. ^0

ID: 736^56
Altered Beasts^0

ID: 736^57
The resurgence of a fringe necromancer cult was seen operating within the Hills of Shade. Brave adventurers need to not only fight past the undead to get to the guild, but then defeat the guild and destroy their altars before it is too late.^0

ID: 736^68
The necromancer cult was defeated and the esoteric knowledge the discovered will be documented and stored within the Necromancer's guild in Cabillis.^0

ID: 736^69
The undead wore out any of the adventurers who attempted to thwart the cult and they were easily dispatched by the necromancers by the time they reached the altars. ^0

ID: 737^56
Trail Mix-up^0

ID: 737^57
A group of druids have been seen gathering at odd hours of the night in the Greater Faydark. While they appear to be ultimately harmless with their rituals, it would be in the best interest of the realm if someone were to make sure they were not doing anything that could bring harm to others. ^0

ID: 737^68
The druids did not detect any interference with their ritual, and the spies sent to keep an eye on them report back that this is simply a fertility ritual.^0

ID: 737^69
The spies interrupted the ritual when they attempted to get a closer look by climbing a tree and the branch that they were using broke. The ritual was called off and the druids have become angry at the denizens of the Greater Faydark for not leaving them to do their ritual.^0

ID: 738^56
We the People^0

ID: 738^57
A high Elf noble has been making rather disparaging remarks about the lesser fortunate and the locals have been known to attack the noble whenever they are spotted outside of their own home. The noble is hiring a bodyguard to protect them while they reach the town square in order to apologize for their remarks.^0

ID: 738^68
While the masses still attacked the noble on their way to the town square, the noble was protected well enough to make it without any serious harm or injury.^0

ID: 738^69
The masses were too much to handle and the noble was attacked, stripped down to their small clothes, and humiliated in the streets. The noble is furious and the people's rage still hasn't been quelled.^0

ID: 740^56
Dang Moss Snakes^0

ID: 740^57
It appears that a breeding pit for moss snakes has been discovered as a slew of them began appearing in the Butcherblock Mountains. As the usual response to something like this, a group of adventurers were dispatched to handle them. However, it would be a shame to let all that snakeskin go to waste.^0

ID: 740^68
Turns out that with a skilled hand, even the most eviscerated of corpses can still be harvested to make leather.^0

ID: 740^69
The heroes who dispatched the snakes seemed to ignore all requests to do so cleanly. In fact, some even went back to mutilate the bodies in hopes of finding "more stuff".^0

ID: 741^56
Study Buddies^0

ID: 741^57
A class on exotic creatures is happening soon in the Plane of Knowledge and all who have information they can provide are welcome to discuss their findings. Knowledgeable scholars are welcome to share notes and compare what they all know in order to have a further understanding of what these creatures are like. A small gift is provided to anybody who brings the most exotic creature.^0

ID: 741^68
The creatures that were available for study were outstanding and cooperated with all who attended. Many notes where shared and all of the scholars walked away learning something new.^0

ID: 741^69
One of the creatures was brought against its will and has broken out of its restraints, causing destruction and chaos. After the beast was subdued, the lesson was cancelled and all were asked to leave, having learned nothing new.^0

ID: 742^56
Good to the Last Drop^0

ID: 742^57
The wood elves of Kelethin are in need of something different to drink other than just wine. They have requested that someone contact the dwarves of Kaladim to initiate a trade between the two cities. Since the Dwarves do not care for wine, there must be something else they do wish to have.^0

ID: 742^68
A deal has been struck between the wood elves of Kelethin and the dwarves of Kaladim. The dwarves will supply the wood elves with the much-desired ale, and the wood elves supply the dwarves with a steady supply of fruit and nuts. These will prove useful in brewing new flavors of beer.^0

ID: 742^69
No matter the elf, dwarves are always wary. It seems this time the age-old rivalry still got the best of both parties. The wood elves will have to continue to drink their wine.^0

ID: 743^56
Too Many Belts^0

ID: 743^57
Adventurers from far and wide come by Kaladim in order to sell their wares and to trade with the local citizens. However, there seems to be a surplus of Crushbone Belts that need to be moved to a different location to be sold elsewhere. A practiced merchant would be able to use this opportunity to make some coin.^0

ID: 743^68
A caravan heading to Kunark was found and the belts were able to be sold and loaded into ships without an incident. ^0

ID: 743^69
There are just so many belts. Nobody needs these things. There is a good chance that there are not enough pants in all of Norrath to use all of these belts. Why they keep showing up in Kaladim is beyond the local merchants understanding. ^0

ID: 744^56

ID: 744^57
Kedge keep is home to a lot of aquatic beasts but more importantly, their treasure. A recent quest to Kedge Keep has opened a new dungeon that needs to be mapped for future explorations, so they do not get lost inside. A task simple enough to the most expert cartographer, but one of those are few and far between.^0

ID: 744^68
The dungeon was difficult an there were many close encounters, but in the end the expedition prevailed, and a detailed map was created for the future.^0

ID: 744^69
The expedition made it all the way through the dungeon and was able to map it, but there is a few places that there could have been a trap? Maybe? Yes, all the traps must have been located. Right?^0

ID: 747^56
Don't Wake Daddy^0

ID: 747^57
The clockworks within Fortress Mechanotus are getting more agitated with every passing day. A party of scholars wish to go inside and try to calm the machines, but this is proven difficult on their own. They require an escort, someone who can defend them while they perform their tests and get to the cause of the issue.^0

ID: 747^68
It was discovered that Meldrath was stirring up the cores of the clockworks. He has been preparing for an all out attack on the neighboring regions and with the help of the escort, the scholars were able to thwart his plans, this time.^0

ID: 747^69
The scholars were attacked by a group of clockworks and several were killed, causing an all-out retreat from Fortress Mechanotus. Something big is brewing within the walls, but it will have to wait for another day to find out what.^0

ID: 748^56
Brell's Kitchen^0

ID: 748^57
A grand banquet is coming up in Kaladim and there is a call out to the realms chefs to cook their signature dishes and enter them into a contest. The best dishes picked will be cooked for the banquet, and their chefs will be handsomely rewarded for their work.^0

ID: 748^68
The signature dish was so delightful that partygoers asked the chef for their recipe. This kind of notoriety in the culinary world is great, but the prize money for the dish being chosen was even better.^0

ID: 748^69
The signature dish was not chosen by the panel of judges. However, a different chef saw the dish and just made it their own. Not only did they get all the credit, but they also got all the fame. Other chefs who lost were told that they are being paid in "exposure".^0

ID: 749^56
Petal to the Mettle^0

ID: 749^57
There is a flower said to grow within the walls of Bloodmoon Keep that has huge potential as a reagent for the high elves and their spells. Sneak into the keep and carefully collect some of these flowers.^0

ID: 749^68
Enough of the flowers have been carefully collected and brought to the elves for further study.^0

ID: 749^69
There is a reason that the flower is so hard to harvest. Disturbing it without proper skills causes the pollen to shoot out of it, into the face of anybody close enough. The pollen is poisonous and not only agitates the eyes but causes the throat to swell shut as well. It is lucky that the chirurgeons were available.^0

ID: 750^56
Blurred Lines^0

ID: 750^57
A new set of sigils and runes were discovered at the bottom of the lakebed in Dagnor's Cauldron. The scholars of Erudin are planning an expedition and have all the provisions set up. The expedition is lacking in the academic department and needs some like-minded explorers to join their ranks before they can head out.^0

ID: 750^68
The expedition went off without a hitch and the runes have been recorded. They seem to point to a prophecy about the end of days or something to that nature. This is a great start and will help scholars understand the history of Norrath better.^0

ID: 750^69
All hope is lost! The end times are here! There is no stopping it! The world is doomed! Or not, it is really hard to understand what these runes mean as most of them were recorded poorly and the information gleaned from them is jumbled at best.^0

ID: 751^56
I'm Not Drunk, You're Drunk!^0

ID: 751^57
A tavern brawl happened outside of the Heartwood Tavern in Kelethin. If someone isn't careful, it could lead to a fatal fall off one of the rope bridges. Someone needs to put a stop to the debacle before anybody gets seriously hurt.^0

ID: 751^68
It was discovered that the only thing to spark the conflict was a bit too much to drink and a bumped elbow. The two combatants have been escorted to different locations to sleep off their stupor. Luckily, nobody was seriously hurt.^0

ID: 751^69
The squabble didn't end as hoped since one of the drunkards tripped and fell to the forest floor. The sobering experience has been met with a few broken bones and shattered pride. Hopefully, next time there will be a better negotiator to stop these fights before they get too out of hand.^0

ID: 752^56
4 Nights at Ottonoggin's^0

ID: 752^57
A group of gnomes in Ak'Anon created a bunch of tiny mechanical dolls filled with small beads and have no idea how to sell them correctly. They are asking for a veteran merchant to help them make some coin by selling their creations. The merchant of course, gets to keep a cut of the sales.^0

ID: 752^68
The toys were a great hit and the citizens of Norrath have a new obsession! The toys already has a rabid fandom of collectors clamoring for more. The collectors keep claiming that the toys will be worth a fortune in the future, but not many else are convinced of that.^0

ID: 752^69
Some of the stuffing came off the toys causing the small animatronics to be exposed, spilling beads everywhere. Every child who looked at the toys have left screaming for their parents. It seems that Norrath is ready for such tiny horrors.^0

ID: 757^56
Tabula Rasa^0

ID: 757^57
The scholars within the Plane of Knowledge sure do love writing. So much in fact, that they have run out of notebooks to keep their knowledge. They have put an order in for blank, leather-bound books so they can continue recording their research.^0

ID: 757^68
The quality in which the notebooks were crafted far surpassed the scholar's expectations and they are more than happy with the outcome of their order.^0

ID: 757^69
The moment the scholars used the books, they fell apart. The glue no longer held at the spine, the pages kept falling out, and the paper was too fragile to record any data. They are most displeased with what they were given and are demanding to speak to a manager.^0

ID: 758^56
Just like Mom used to Make^0

ID: 758^57
There is a nest of exotic beetles who have made a home in the Loping Plains. Their legs are valuable and can be sold to chefs as a delicacy. Collect a generous amount of them for a banquet coming up in Felwithe. ^0

ID: 758^68
Enough beetle legs where harvested and brought to the chefs. The dish they are going to be a part of sounds exquisite and more importantly, very expensive.^0

ID: 758^69
Not those exotic beetles, the other exotic beetles! These ones are useless and inedible.^0

ID: 759^56
And Nothing of Value was Lost^0

ID: 759^57
A group of adventurers have returned from their expedition from within Castle Mistmoore and have brought a cache of tomes looted from the library. The tomes will need a keen eye and a deft researcher to see if they have any use to anybody.^0

ID: 759^68
Upon reading through the collection of tomes that have been brought in, there was a discovery of an ancient magic that needs more study. This alone is a huge find for the scholars in the Plane of Knowledge, but there isn't much else written on the subject. A lesser researcher could have easily skimmed past it without ever noticing it. ^0

ID: 759^69
Nothing important was found amongst the books. They all seem to be romance novels or diaries of elves who have long passed.^0

ID: 760^56
You are a Rock^0

ID: 760^57
The merchants of Butcherblock are in need of someone to help quell some friction between the blacksmiths and the leather workers. They are at odds over some minor thing all the time, but this squabble is getting out of hand and a negotiator is needed.^0

ID: 760^68
The negotiations went better than expected. The conflict was resolved, and the peace was restored.^0

ID: 760^69
Due to poor negotiations, the blacksmiths got the better deal causing further animosity and more distress. The merchants seek assistance for his troubles elsewhere.^0

ID: 761^56
Wow, Rude!^0

ID: 761^57
Emli Widgetton is trying her luck as a potion seller on the road in the Steamfont Mountains leading to Ak'Anon. The only problem is that she has absolutely no idea what potions should be brought, created, and how much they should sell for. Someone with sales and adventuring expertise is needed to help her.^0

ID: 761^68
The tent was set up without any issues but Emli accidentally bumped the rack holding most of the potions, causing a few to break. However, once the contents mixed, a pleasant odor can be experienced by everyone within the tent. The contents no longer hold their medicinal value, but the new scent is helping adventurers keep their spirits high.^0

ID: 761^69
Upon arriving at the camp, it was discovered that Emli completely forgot to pack the potions needed. Not only was this a huge waste of time, but also a huge waste of money.^0

ID: 762^56
Stinky Thicket^0

ID: 762^57
The enchanters in Kelethin discovered a portal that leads to the Plane of Disease. The putrid odor coming from it is too much for them to handle, so they put in an order for an explorer to look to see what is beyond the portal. They will provide a stone that allows you to teleport back to the enchanter's guild hall, so the adventurers are not stuck once they get to the other side.^0

ID: 762^68
The expedition went well, not much was gleaned that wasn't already known. However, it's good to know that the enchanters can now shut that portal. They haven't had a decent night's rest since the portal opened, the smell was really bad.^0

ID: 762^69
Upon reaching the other side of the portal, the portal instantly shuts behind the expedition, leaving them stuck in the plane of disease. After the expedition explored a bit, they discovered that they were in a cave that had already been discovered. When they attempted to use the stone provided by the guild, it just fizzled and crumbled in their hands. Time to start walking.^0

ID: 800^56
Get Your Hands off Me!^0

ID: 800^57
Some new source of undead have caused them to appear in great numbers in the cauldron. A brave soul needs to help cull their numbers so they do not overrun the camp that the fabulous four use to protect travelers..^0

ID: 800^68
The undead have been pushed back as their numbers are brought down to a more manageable level.^0

ID: 800^69
The camp had to evacuate temporarily as the area became overrun with undead. Skeletons, banshees, and horrors plague the area. There must be a different strategy to employ in order to keep their numbers down. Whatever it is, hitting them with sticks did nothing to stop them.^0

ID: 801^56

ID: 801^57
The Crushbone orcs are gathering resources to forge a new siege weapon that they plan to use to "defend" themselves from the wood elves of Kelethin. It would be a shame if a spy snuck into the camp to sabotage the device.^0

ID: 801^68
The spy reports back that the siege weapon was successfully sabotaged. In an attempt to test the rigging, set up to launch flaming pitch into the trees, the weapon broke and spilled fiery tar all over Crushbone. The orcs will have to start their project from scratch if they wish to try again.^0

ID: 801^69
The spy was found by a warg and the orcs chased them out of the camp. Unfortunately, they have since emboldened their defenses. If something isn't done about their siege weapon soon, it could be doom for the citizens of Kelethin.^0

ID: 802^56
Watch Over Me^0

ID: 802^57
The child of a wealthy noble wants to go exploring in the forest. She needs to be protected to ensure her future and all that she might accomplish.^0

ID: 802^68
Guarding here was not a real problem but directing her was. She wanted to run off in all directions, and if she had she surely would have been lost. She may even have learned a few things while she was exploring.^0

ID: 802^69
The child could not be restrained and ran off into the woods. She was recovered, but she was traumatized by whatever she saw during the hours she went missing.^0

ID: 803^56
Lack of Vision^0

ID: 803^57
The observatory is frequently damaged by monsters and adventurers alike and often needs repair. The lens has been scratched and needs replacement.^0

ID: 803^68
The lens did not need to be replaced. A lot of hard polishing restored it almost like new.^0

ID: 803^69
While trying to replace the lens the new one was broken. The gnomes were furious.^0

ID: 804^56
Sneaky Scavenging^0

ID: 804^57
Not only are the Crushbone orcs messy, but so are those that invade their caves. There is a potential of wealth there for someone willing to look for it.^0

ID: 804^68
A lot of small things equaled a fair amount of value, especially to new adventurers in need of assistance if they are to survive to old age.^0

ID: 804^69
The orcs were just to alert and drove the intruders away.^0

ID: 805^56
Deep Research^0

ID: 805^57
Just about anything every known can be found somewhere in the Plane of Knowledge library. There are often requests from people overwhelmed by the volume of books to be searched for anything of value that they need help. Sometimes the information they could find will have lasting effects on the world.^0

ID: 805^68
A young gnome needed to now the size of one obscure part used on an ancient piece of clockwork timekeeping. An experienced researcher helped her and she has improved the functionality of delicate clockworks noticeably.^0

ID: 805^69
Even and experienced researcher can be baffled by the depth of information held in the library.^0

ID: 806^56
Peace of Emerald^0

ID: 806^57
Dissent among the Emerald Guard has grown since the captain changed some of the rules for dealing with visitors. The rules are much harsher now and many of the guards don't like treating visitors so poorly.^0

ID: 806^68
Captain Silverwind was not interested in changing the rules after such a short time. However, he was also unaware that his guards did not like the changes. It showed that the captain is a stricter authoritarian than his guards. After only a few days and many complaints from visitors, the rule change was reversed.^0

ID: 806^69
Captain Silverwind refused to listen to the complaints about his new policies. The merchants of the city noted a dramatic drop in profits as the number of people visiting the city was reduced.^0

ID: 807^56
Exclusive Offer^0

ID: 807^57
Sometimes a special item is created almost by accident. A less experienced crafter is touched by Brell and the result is a perfect piece. One such item has been created in Butcherblock, and this one has potential as a basis for the creation of a powerful magical item.^0

ID: 807^68
The young crafter was unwilling to sell the item at first, but after much coaxing and the offer of many months wages the item was purchased.^0

ID: 807^69
The young crafter was too enamored with their success to sell their creation.^0

ID: 808^56
Cave Diving^0

ID: 808^57
A sailor nearly drowned when she fell off a ship. After being saved she claimed to have seen a cave opening that she thought could be very deep.^0

ID: 808^68
Just finding the caves from the description was difficult. The caves were indeed deep and complex. Only after much exploration and several wrong turnings did the exploring party discover a temple dedicated to Prexus. It held a latent power and will be of great interest worshippers of the Ocean Lord.^0

ID: 808^69
The exploration party got hopelessly lost in the caves. They were lucky to find their way out again.^0

ID: 809^56
Gears Within Wheels^0

ID: 809^57
Meldrath, being who he is, has started construction on some sort of massive clockwork. It looks like a cart but made of sharp things attached to huge wheels. His fortress is moving toward Ak'Anon to deliver his new toy when it is finished.^0

ID: 809^68
A force of powerful and determined attackers was able to smash their way into the fortress and break the wheeled machine to bits. The destruction was amazing.^0

ID: 809^69
The attackers were stopped by determined clockworks. The device was dropped into the Steamfont Mountains and it rolled up to the gate of Ak'Anon in a cloud of rancid steam. The sharp things all over it ground the gates to dust and most of the mountain with it. Half the city was destroyed before it could be stopped.^0

ID: 810^56
Traitorous Thoughts^0

ID: 810^57
Evil can appear in the least likely places. There is a seed of dissent growing in Kelethin. A small group of wood elves, led by a mistreated half-elf, are trying to learn necromancy to get revenge on those that treated them poorly. I nudge here, some information there, could give them what they need and change thing in Kelethin forever.^0

ID: 810^68
Some torn pages from one of the teaching manuals in Neriak was placed where it would be found. Secrets were whispered into the ears of sleeping elves. A magical wand was stolen by the half-elf. The cadre learned just enough to raise half a dozen undead and lead them into the heart of the city. Two important merchants were killed, and the future of the city shifted.^0

ID: 810^69
The attempts to give the elves the subtle hints they needed failed. Shortly after their plans were uncovered and the young elves were punished. They turned from their path and never learned the art of the undead.^0

ID: 811^56
Training Exercise^0

ID: 811^57
The guards of Kaladim have become predictable and easily fooled. The city is far less effectively guarded than it could be. The citizens would be safer if the guards were convinced to learn other patterns and other ways to protect the city.^0

ID: 811^68
The guard captain agreed to several training sessions with outsiders. The guards were uncooperative at first, but eventually came to understand that at least some of the ideas they were taught were worth putting into effect.^0

ID: 811^69
The guard captain agreed to the training, but the guards themselves mostly just drank and laughed during the training exercises. For them this was a day off, which they enjoyed immensely. Little was learned.^0

ID: 812^56

ID: 812^57
A slightly eccentric gnome tinker is in need of a diorama of the Dragonscale Hills for an experiment.^0

ID: 812^68
With careful use of magic and good map making skills the diorama was made. Scale models of everything in the area replicated the hills perfectly. Unfortunately, the tinker used the diorama to test out a scale model of the Mechamatic Guardian. The model stomped all over the diorama. The tinker was greatly pleased.^0

ID: 812^69
The diorama did not please the tinker. He thought that the scale between various structures was wrong and that the materials used were not sturdy enough. He stomped the diorama to bits.^0

ID: 813^56
Loping Vines^0

ID: 813^57
Rumors have it that there is a type of strangling vine that moves independently of any root system. Learning if this is true and gathering samples will assist travelers and locals alike.^0

ID: 813^68
The vines existed and wer very dangerous. Gathering them was challenging and risky, but enough were found to prove their existence and learn of ways to avoid them.^0

ID: 813^69
Hints of motion were seen, and rustling was heard, but no vines were found.^0

ID: 814^56
Hot Oil^0

ID: 814^57
There are two main reasons why a clockwork fails. External damage, and failed oil. There are many, obvious solutions to the first issue, but the second problem requires a lot of effort put toward oil changes. If a more heat resistant oil could be created, the life of all clockworks would be improved.^0

ID: 814^68
After many, many excruciating and expensive tests, it was discovered that adding a small amount of enchanted plant oils would increase the useful lifespan of the oil dramatically. Clockworks rejoiced.^0

ID: 814^69
After many, many excruciating and expensive tests, no improvements were made.^0

ID: 815^56
Auraline's Admirer^0

ID: 815^57
A famous hero of Norrath, having once ventured into the depth of Kedge Keep, is desperately in love with a mermaid he found there. This is not uncommon among adventurers, and Auraline uses that to her advantage. It would be best if the hero could be convinced that a mermaid is not the best possible partner.^0

ID: 815^68
The hero was brought into the keep through dangers that he was familiar with, though were no less dangerous for that. A conversation was initiated with Auraline and her absolute hatred of land creatures was easily brought out. The kind-hearted hero chose to flee rather than defend himself when the mermaid attacked. His infatuation with the sea creature appears to have ended.^0

ID: 815^69
After battling their way into the depths of the keep the hero was made to confront the mermaid. Despite Auraline's blatant hatred of the man she was speaking with and all other land-based life, the hero could not be convinced to relinquish his desire for her.^0

ID: 816^56
Dragon's Hoard^0

ID: 816^57
There is more than one way to gain access to a dragon's hoard. The usual methods of trying to steal it and trying to kill the dragon are fine, but if you are looking for a specific thing in that hoard it is just possible to trade for it. Kerafyrm defeated many adventurers in his time, and it is possible to find just about anything in what remains of his hoard.^0

ID: 816^68
It was a bit challenging to reach a position from which a trade could be negotiated. A lot of the dragonkin in the lair were only interested in killing mortals. Through great effort and skill, however, a trade was made and the item acquired.^0

ID: 816^69
The dragonkin were only interested in killing mortals. They would not relent no matter how insistent the intruders were about only being there to make a trade.^0

ID: 817^56
Fab Four^0

ID: 817^57
The four adventurers that have dedicated themselves to protecting those that travel near the cauldron have lost one of their own. Nyrien Lyrdarniel has been lost for several days. While he is an experienced adventurer, the fact that he has not returned from a hunting expedition indicates that something has gone wrong. His loss could mean trouble for young adventurers in the future.^0

ID: 817^68
Tracks were impossible to find, but a thorough search discovered that Nyrien was captured by some goblins and had been tortured for days. He was rescued from what surely would have been a horrible death.^0

ID: 817^69
Nyrien's corpse was discovered. He had been dead for only a few hours.^0

ID: 818^56
Barrel of Fish^0

ID: 818^57
There are treasures to be found in the dark waters of Kedge Keep. A truly brave and strong person could gain that treasure and put it to better use that the last Kedge and his fishy friends have.^0

ID: 818^68
The fish had a lot of very sharp teeth and a surprising amount of magical power, but in the end they fell to the skill of the raiders.^0

ID: 818^69
The fish had a lot of very sharp teeth and a surprising amount of magical power. They drove the raiders, limping and bleeding, out of the keep.^0

ID: 819^56
Wrangling Ragefire^0

ID: 819^57
It has long been known that Zordak Ragefire is a dragon shapechanged into a human. He has great power and is somehow linked with Overking Bathezid. Understanding that link could prove valuable in many ways.^0

ID: 819^68
After many harrowing encounters with the deadly creatures that live in the places Zordak travels, he was seen speaking with several elder fire elementals and djinn. He spoke with them about their shared desire to burn all of Norrath. The spy was able to thwart a plan to open a gate to the plane of fire before it became a danger.^0

ID: 819^69
The spy was always a few steps behind the wily old dragon. By the time the spy caught up they discovered an open portal to the plane of fire on an obscure island in the Timorous Deep. Many lives were lost pushing back the invasion that followed.^0

ID: 820^56
Guard the Guardian^0

ID: 820^57
A massive golem creature calling itself The Guardian has emerged from Crystallos. It claims that it has a message from the dragons meant for the lords of the nearby lands. As it moved along toward the cities of Faydwer it was careless about who and what it crushed. People tried to stop it but failed. This 'messenger' is deadly.^0

ID: 820^68
It was a massive task keeping the golem away from buildings and living things. It was an equal challenge keeping living things away from the golem. But the thing visited each city and spoke privately with each leader. It then collapsed into rubble once its mission was complete.^0

ID: 820^69
Adventurers, eager to earn a name for themselves and assuming that the golem carried treasure of some sort, destroyed the thing. It left behind only a pile of rubble. Whatever message it carried is lost.^0

ID: 821^56
Idol Construction^0

ID: 821^57
Kaladim lacks a statue of Brell Serilis. There are many statues of kings and heroes, but no statue to represent the creator of the dwarves himself. The dwarves have always considered the entire city a dedication to Brell, but it has been decided that if they can find a statue that they feel worthy then they will put it in a prominent location.^0

ID: 821^68
Many exotic materials were crafted together with a deep understanding of the history of the dwarves and their god. The statue was built on a pedestal with niches for gifts of making to be placed in. These gifts are not meant for the god, but for anyone that needs them. Making is not for the maker or Brell, but for those that will use what is made.^0

ID: 821^69
The statue just wasn't what the King wanted. It was rejected, but with kind words about its beauty and attention to detail.^0

ID: 822^56
The Hills are Alive^0

ID: 822^57
The soil of Dragonscale Hills have been affected by all the unusual magic that has happened there over the years. This has had an effect on the plants that grow there. Some of these could be very useful in potions or even poisons, but getting to them and identifying them is a challenge that can only be met by a few brave adventurers.^0

ID: 822^68
Several samples of unusual Lucidem and oddly affected loam were gathered. More than enough to begin research on the effects of the soil on the plants of the Dragonscale Hills.^0

ID: 822^69
It was too challenging to deal with the aggressive natives of the hills but identifying plants that were different that the norm. Only a few plants were gathered, and many injuries were acquired.^0

ID: 823^56
Blood Drive^0

ID: 823^57
Blood holds many secrets, and a good scholar can learn much about the creature it was taken from, but also about magic that has affected it. There is clearly a lot to learn from the blood of were creatures. There are a lot of orcwere in Bloodmoon Keep, but they obviously will not give their blood willingly.^0

ID: 823^68
Many orcwere had to be sacrificed so that they blood could be taken. That blood yielded several possible avenues of research that could provide great results in the future.^0

ID: 823^69
The orcwere were just too fierce and deadly. When a few were brought down it proved impossible to gather any of their blood before more would come rushing in.^0

ID: 824^56
Shadowed Struggle^0

ID: 824^57
The shadowed men have never been friendly to outsiders, but they are currently roaming farther and being much more aggressive than usual. Considering how easily they can ambush people and escape afterwards, stopping them physically has been a challenge. Victims have heard voices that seem to be whispering something that sounded like 'no longer...' It might be possible to learn something new and stop the attacks without force.^0

ID: 824^68
Who and why the shadowed men are is a mystery. After a delicate conversation with a leader of the shadowed men a path to a solution was found. He claimed that those few were apparently suffering from a magical effect of unexplained nature. They required a cure from a powerful healer. Finding the afflicted was difficult, as was finding an opportunity to heal them, but the effort was a success.^0

ID: 824^69
It proved impossible to hold a conversation with any of the shadowed men. They would either attack or simply leave unnoticed while the speaker kept talking.^0

ID: 825^56
Blind Luck^0

ID: 825^57
Grey Bloom Farms is failing. The Greyblooms have suffered setbacks ranging from one elder with a severe, for a dwarf, drinking problem to a mushroom blight. There is an opportunity here to purchase the lot and house and open up a casino. The potential here is outstanding. The dwarves of Kaladim will not like this idea, at least not until it is built.^0

ID: 825^68
A lot of bribes were paid. Many threats were made. Several prominent dwarves made the right decision to keep their secrets secrets. A riot was quelled. A business was opened. The casino was named Blind Luck and does great business.^0

ID: 825^69
There were just too many bribes to make. Too many threats needed. Too many secrets to discover. The entire effort was crushed under the riot of dwarves concerned that a gambling establishment would ruin them.^0

ID: 826^56
Catacomb Creeper^0

ID: 826^57
The catacombs under Castle Mistmoore have proven too hard for most to explore. At least using the normal methods. If it is to be mapped, doing so by force might be the only way. The reward for anyone that can do so would be extreme fame and a good amount of fortune.^0

ID: 826^68
The darkness yielded to brute force. Greater depths of the catacombs have been mapped and a lot of treasure was obtained.^0

ID: 826^69
The darkness proved unyielding. The foes were just too strong to push out of the way and the map of the catacombs was not improved.^0

ID: 827^56
Raid the Sky^0

ID: 827^57
Clockworks have been spewing out of the fortress for hours now. They are spreading out to the far corners of Faydwer. What they are after is unknown, but it does present an opportunity. There are far fewer guards in the fortress. A bold person with the right allies could get in and out quickly and make a great score.^0

ID: 827^68
The defenses were indeed weaker than usual. That did not mean that there were piles of treasure waiting on the ground. Many clockworks were crushed with satisfying squealing noises. It turns out that Mr. Malignant had a lot of platinum stored in his flying fortress.^0

ID: 827^69
The defenses were indeed weaker than usual. However, they were still too strong to be overcome. Many clockworks were destroyed, but many more joined in the battle and the attackers were forced to flee.^0

ID: 828^56
Steal the Spy^0

ID: 828^57
A few months ago, an agent of Ak'Anon was sent into the Fortress to keep tabs troop movement and negotiations and keep the King informed. That agent has not been heard from in weeks and is feared to be dead or, worse, exposed. If she is captured she will surely reveal secrets that the gnomes want to keep. If someone can't rescue her, then a timely death would help keep Ak'Anon safe.^0

ID: 828^68
The agent was simply trapped. She was caught behind some machinery and trapped when it was moved. She managed to worm her way into the walls of the fortress but has not been able to get out. When recovered she was starving but had a wealth of information to offer.^0

ID: 828^69
The agent was found after much time and effort. Unfortunately, she was inside the walls of the fortress and had apparently starved to death. How that happened will remain a mystery.^0

ID: 829^56
Courage for Kirathas^0

ID: 829^57
The remnant people of the village of Kirathas are in constant danger. However, a new threat is rising from the darkness. A horde of undead fungusmen are gathering strength. They seek fresh mulch and plan to make their own from the corpses of the villagers.^0

ID: 829^68
The undead fungusmen hordes brought with it several other sorts of undead hoping to feast on whatever they left behind. The strange combination of corporal and incorporeal undead was nearly overwhelming, but the right combination of companions proved enough to save the village.^0

ID: 829^69
The undead fungusmen hordes brought with it several other sorts of undead hoping to feast on whatever they left behind. The strange combination of corporal and incorporeal undead was completely overwhelming. The village was destroyed. Few of the villagers escaped into the hills.^0

ID: 830^56
Elven Bane Blades^0

ID: 830^57
The orcs of Crushbone are at a distinct disadvantage against the elves of the Faydark. If they are to remain independent and alive, they will need their own advantage, or something that gives them the appearance of an advantage. Creating weapons that are extremely harmful to elven races would give them that advantage, even if they didn't have a lot of them or know how to make them themselves.^0

ID: 830^68
Theorizing a spell that will allow a weapon to harm elves required a lot of research and magical help. Gathering the diverse and rare ingredients was dangerous and time consuming. Forging the weapons themselves was incredibly challenging, and a lot of material was lost to failure. In the end only a dozen such weapons were made, but the fact that they exist should give the orcs an edge.^0

ID: 830^69
Too many things went wrong. The magic needed was unreliable. The ingredients were too rare to get in sufficient numbers to allow for failure. The forging itself was so challenging that there were a large number of failures. No weapons were successfully created.^0

ID: 831^56
Fungus for Us^0

ID: 831^57
The Hills of Shade are steeped in magic and necromancy. Wandering ghosts walk over the graves of their children and banshee wail in the night. Things that grow in that soil are often unusual, often dangerous. Fungus most of all. Fungi tend to absorb their atmosphere and the magic around them. The mushrooms in the Hills of Shade can be deadly but are always useful to someone.^0

ID: 831^68
The undead were appeased in any number of ways, many of which were unpleasant. Access to the darker places in the hills allowed a good harvest of fungi.^0

ID: 831^69
The undead resented living intruders and assaulted them with fervor. It just wasn't possible to reach the darkest places where the fungi grow.^0

ID: 832^56
Orcs Can Write?^0

ID: 832^57
Adventurers have been returning from Crushbone with flags and papers that have unidentified writing on them. It does not mesh with the crude runes that orcs use on war flags and as warnings about danger. There are clearly secrets here to learn if those writings can be obtained and deciphered.^0

ID: 832^68
The writing was an odd dialect of old orcish from before the curse was laid upon the creations of Rallos Zek. Most of the information gleaned from the papers was meaningless: inventory counts and things like that. There were, however, some interesting insights into the lives of those smarter orcs that could be useful later.^0

ID: 832^69
Much of the writing was destroyed by the adventurers before it could be collected. Others insisted that they be paid outrageous sums for the scraps of paper or cloth. There was not enough of the language available to determine much of anything.^0

ID: 833^56
Dark Deeds^0

ID: 833^57
Baleki Nightseer, a well-respected merchant in Kaladim, has been accused of consorting with orcs. Her fellow merchants have her trapped in her shop and are trying to break in and drag her to the authorities. It would be bad for everyone in the city if she were wrongly accused and punished or let free when guilty.^0

ID: 833^68
The crowd of angry merchants was calmed, and the story was heard from Baleki. She had dealt with orcs, but indirectly. She sold some weapons to a gnome that was an agent of the orcs. When they heard this the merchants were apologetic. None of them want to be responsible for what happens with their items once they are done with the transaction.^0

ID: 833^69
The crowd of merchants could not be calmed. When Baleki tried to explain what had happened the cries of her guild mates overwhelmed her words and they were misheard. Rocks and knives were thrown by the mob and Bakeli was gravely injured. Several merchants were arrested and jailed for the attack and their shops closed forever as well.^0

ID: 834^56
Trade Secrets^0

ID: 834^57
The most valuable things are secrets. A clever merchant learns to listen to everything, all the time. One merchant overheard a clockwork servant asking around for Everburning Oil. It is a difficult commodity to find, but also difficult to use in any non-suicidal way. If someone could find out why a clockwork was seeking it and for whom, then the secret would have greater value.^0

ID: 834^68
The clockwork servant was an agent of Meldrath. The purpose for the Everburning Oil was clearly nefarious. This information was sold the the leadership of Ak'Anon for a good amount of platinum and an even greater amount of influence.^0

ID: 834^69
The clockwork servant became aware that someone was asking about it. It slipped away with a large barrel of Everburning Oil and has not been seen since.^0

ID: 835^56
Seeking the Sorcerer^0

ID: 835^57
A competent but foolish magician has wandered into Crystallos seeking components for spells and research. She has not returned. Should she be killed many interesting and useful things that she will create will never come to be.^0

ID: 835^68
The magician was rescued, her hands, pockets, bags, and satchels stuffed with scales, crystals, and blood samples.^0

ID: 835^69
The only thing that could be found of the magician was her pointy hat.^0

ID: 836^56
Race Interrupted^0

ID: 836^57
There is a contest that takes place every year where a large number of young gnomes race across Faydwer. Because they are not allowed to use magic, they should be easy pickings. Destroying these gnomes will affect the future in several ways. Removing the young and foolish will make the gnomes a little stronger in the future and reducing their numbers will weaken them in the present.^0

ID: 836^68
There were hidden guardians all along the race route. They were very clever and strong elder gnomes. However, once discovered they were spread too thin to be strong enough to stop the slaughter.^0

ID: 836^69
There were hidden guardians along the race route. They were not discovered in time and drove the attackers into the cauldron, where other dangers lurked. No gnomes were harmed.^0

ID: 837^56
Keep an Eye on Things^0

ID: 837^57
There is a very clever and vicious orcwere named Hikor that resides in Bloodmoon Keep. He has acquired an object of power in the form of the Eye of Unalleviated Darkness. It can create a globe of darkness that only the possessor of the eye can see through. With it he plans to take control of Bloodmoon Keep. This would be a disaster, not just for those that live there, but for everyone in the area.^0

ID: 837^68
Plucking the artifact from Hikor while he was sleeping required an immense amount of patience and skill. Also, possessing the eye will be valuable in the future, certainly.^0

ID: 837^69
Hikor proved to be too wary and clever. His coup took place while the party was still trying to locate Hikor's sleeping place. Once in charge, the orcwere started a ritual that covered the keep in impenetrable darkness. The party was lucky that any of them escaped at all.^0

ID: 838^56
Let the Light Shine^0

ID: 838^57
The Citadel of Tri`Qaras is under siege. The Ladies of the Light need supplies and relief from the relentless assaults of an ever-increasing number of minotaurs. If that citadel falls things will change for the worse on Faydwer.^0

ID: 838^68
Supplies were delivered and many of the minotaurs were driven away. They remain near to the citadel for now, but the Ladies of Light can deal with those that remain.^0

ID: 838^69
The minotaurs proved too clever and strong. The citadel fell and many of the Ladies of Light were killed.^0

ID: 839^56
Second Wind^0

ID: 839^57
Exploring the depths of Kedge Keep is dangerous for many, many reasons. Most of those reasons involve angry fish and things like that. One of them, however, is that fact that most people can't breathe water. A solution to that particular issue that can be made cheaply and reliably would make history.^0

ID: 839^68
Careful conservation of magic and expensive materials was the real challenge, especially considering the desire for reliability. However, with some innovation a gadget was created. It is bulky, but not too expensive or challenging for most crafters to build.^0

ID: 839^69
The combination of cheap, reliable, and easy to make was just too much to achieve. It was also nearly fatal to the volunteer that tested the work.^0

ID: 840^56
Breaking Fangs^0

ID: 840^57
There exists a group of heroes that dedicate themselves to the destruction of all were creatures. Their lives are dangerous and their life spans short. However, they do leave behind a lot of valuable were parts. If someone was brave enough to travel with them for a time that person could gain wealth and through their own bravery earn some allies.^0

ID: 840^68
The Fangbreakers were a hard group to join. But they respect persistence and a willingness to risk self to complete the task. The world is a little safer and some pockets are a little fuller now.^0

ID: 840^69
The risk proved too great for the reward. The dangers too fierce and the heroes were just not strong enough.^0

ID: 841^56
Just Another Prophecy^0

ID: 841^57
It reads: In shadows borne will reach for the light. In darkness plans a final fight. To reclaim a lost birthright.^0

ID: 841^68
The first line seems to be talking about Mayong Mistmoore's attempt to take over the Plane of the Sun and probably his vampire nature. However, even after acquiring several ancient tomes from unpleasant places, what the lost birthright is remains a mystery.^0

ID: 841^69
The Prophecy could not be solved.^0

ID: 842^56
Kneel to Your Betters^0

ID: 842^57
The Bronzeleaf and the Longwalker families are ancient and honored among the high elves. Their pride in that fact often leads them to make poor decisions. It also often prevents them from admitting that those decisions were not the best. This has come to a head just before the marriage of two young members the families. The future of two hopeful young people will be ruined if this is not settled^0

ID: 842^68
After a lot of placating speeches and dramatic exits the issue was resolved and the couple had a beautiful wedding.^0

ID: 842^69
No resolution was made. The couple, after being forbidden to marry, fled Felwithe and have not been seen since. The chasm between the two families is now filled with lava and lava-resistant crocodiles.^0

ID: 843^56
Deal of Seven Lifetimes^0

ID: 843^57
Rarely does a seller of goods get involved in life or death situations. One of those situations involves the future of seven young minotaurs. Captured by cruel bakers for use in some sort of pie, they were deemed too young to eat. However, they have value to the bakers. Securing the freedom of these calves could yield even greater rewards in the long term.^0

ID: 843^68
When the fact that keeping and feeding minotaurs is not only expensive but dangerous, the bakers were more inclined to make a deal. The calves were returned to their caves to their happy, if bewildered, parents. Inroads into such a rare market will certainly prove useful later.^0

ID: 843^69
While trying to examine the merchandise three of the calves escaped. They injured two of the bakers before fleeing into the hills. In the end money was lost paying for those escaped goods.^0

ID: 844^56
Drunken Sailor^0

ID: 844^57
A young man named Mengryl has gone missing. He was in the Loping Plains seeking a precious piece of jewelry that he considered precious. His despair over its loss drove him to drinking with some sailors one night and the next morning he was gone. This young man might have a role to play in future events, unless he remains lost.^0

ID: 844^68
Mengryl was crimped by some sailors to crew their ship. They were a challenge to find on the waters of the Deep, but once it was discovered that they were pirates all that was needed was to pretend to be victims and let the pirates come to the hunters. Once they learned that the hunters only wanted Mengryl they surrendered him, along with their treasure, easily enough.^0

ID: 844^69
Mengryl remains lost. Whichever sailors took him still have him, if he even lives. His contributions to the future have been lost.^0

ID: 846^56
Steal the Light^0

ID: 846^57
The city of Felwithe is always shining and bright. This appears to be more than just the effect of extreme cleanliness; it seems to be magical. There are parties interested in discovering what dimming that light might do to the citizens of the city. They are providing a magical filth that should block out the glow if spread over much of the stone of the city.^0

ID: 846^68
Other than a reduction of moral throughout the city and anger over the vandalism, nothing of note happened to the citizens of Felwithe when their city grew dimmer.^0

ID: 846^69
It was just too challenging to spread so much magical filth over so much of the city.^0

ID: 848^56
Intriguing Alloy^0

ID: 848^57
King Ak'Anon needs a replacement part. It must be made of a specially formulated alloy, the details of which are secret and will only be revealed to a crafter with enough skill that also has all the incredibly rare ingredients required to make it.^0

ID: 848^68
The part was created with great skill. King Ak'Anon was pleased. It is also notable that many of the items request for the alloy were never used, thus keeping the recipe a little more secret from those that failed to gather all the ingredients.^0

ID: 848^69
Despite all the effort expended to acquire the needed items, the alloy was not forged properly, and the part was not accepted by the king. Another artisan was sought to do the job.^0

ID: 6392^6
Increases the duration of *#1%N by 6 seconds.^0

ID: 133773^43
Convert four Overseer Collection Item Dispenser Fragment into one Overseer Collection Item Dispenser.^0