4 updated strings (RED indicates old description, GREEN indicates new description):

ID: 154^11
Fay Drake^0
Fae Drake^0

ID: 154^12
Fay Drakes^0
Fae Drakes^0

ID: 21853^6
Summons a useful familiar.^0
Enhances many single target direct damage spells and increases their damage by #1 to $1 damage. It will not work on spells greater than level #2.^0

ID: 47321^6
Increases your combat damage by #1%.^0
Increases your melee damage by #1%.^0

12 new strings found:

ID: 93^40
Frost of the Natureward^0

ID: 94^40
Yubai's Malady^0

ID: 95^40
Vengeance of Pain^0

ID: 848^11
Venril Sathir^0

ID: 848^12
Venril Sathirs^0

ID: 849^11
Fae Drake^0

ID: 849^12
Fae Drakes^0

ID: 850^11
Iksar Golem^0

ID: 850^12
Iksar Golems^0

ID: 47324^6
Summons a Wrulon Strider Mount for you to ride.^0

ID: 50833^6
Increases the damage of spells by #1 damage.^0

ID: 50838^6
Has a normalized chance to cast *2%N when you cast a healing spell. *2%N will heal the group for *2%1.^0